3D Ultra Pinball

by artesianwell

Game description

Other pinball games may have 3D Ultra Pinball’s smooth ball motion, flashing lights, and the ringing bells of the real arcade game. But they don’t have 3D Ultra Pinball’s exploding spacecraft and hidden chambers. Or renegade robodozers. Or multiple playing tables. Or constantly-changing targets. 3D Ultra Pinball starts with all of the basic game mechanics that make pinball fun and then adds new features and challenges that bring the game to a whole new realm. Play for points AND to build deep-space colonies and launch starships. Aim not just for bumpers and static targets, but also for dozers, comets, and other interstellar objects you won’t find anywhere else. 3D Ultra Pinball takes pinball out of reality and plants it firmly in cyberspace!

Game requirements

Minimum Specifications:
486 DX 33
No 3D Hardware Support
Recommended Specifications:
Pentium 60
No 3D Hardware Support


3D Ultra Pinball

editor report

This is one of the better pinball sims of its time. Boasting slick graphics and tight gameplay, 3D Ultra Pinball is as good an attempt as any in replicating the arcade experience. However, as with many pinball sims, the longterm playability just isn’t there. After a few games, you find yourself wanting to bump and grind the monitor or CPU. Try it if you’re desperate for a silver ball fix, otherwise explore other gaming avenues.

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