Annoying Pests And Pest Control Ideas To Keep Them Away

by artesianwell

Pests are a headache in normal life. They are the uninvited guests who come in without your permission and begin to co-live with you. You would have tried many pest control and pest repeller hacks to get rid of them, but as one kind of pest goes, the other makes way. Here are the most common pests that you can find roaming inside your home when you turn on the lights in the middle of the night to make you restless. The blog is all about them, and about how you can get rid of them in the easiest way possible.


The roaches are the quick creatures that live in the sanitary pipes and little moist areas of your home. They feed on paper, wood and even on the leftover food and build a huge empire. A female cockroach in her lifespan can give birth to over 150 roaches and this happens within a year’s time. You would now definitely give a thought on the increasing roach population in your space.

Diseases They Spread – If you are among those who ignore the roaches roaming around and neglect to get home a pest repeller, beware as they are not as harmless as you think. The cockroaches make way for diseases like cholera, typhoid, plague, and even leprosy.

Pest Control – The best way to keep roaches out is to keep your home and surroundings clean. You can get an ultrasonic pest repeller to keep them away. Do get home a natural insect repellent and spray them near your sinks and chambers to keep away the roaches from building their empire.


Rodents and mice of all size and shape are a pain to mankind. The rats are scavengers that enter into your home and eat your share of food. They also nibble on the furniture and even on the wall. If you accidentally try to make your way, your toes and feet could also be bitten very hard by them. Rats are most commonly seen entering into the balconies or into the kitchen where you have placed your waste bin.

Diseases They Spread – The most common disease that was spread by rats that wiped away a part of the world was the plague. Apart from the plague, you could become a victim of rat-bite fever and other such dangerous diseases that could be extremely fatal.

Pest Control – Getting rid of rats is mostly considered a tough task as we do not have a Pied Piper of Hamlin living amidst us today. Well, getting rid of them is not so difficult if you keep your home clean ad get garbage bins that have a covering on it. Apart from it, get a natural pest repellent spray and spray it all over your garden and window openings that could be a way they would enter into your home. To guard the indoor space of your home, get home an electronic pest repeller and turn it on. The radar waves that are emitted keep the rats and other pests away from your home.


How could mosquitoes miss out on the list of pests that are annoying? You will have no clue of how a mosquito comes into your home and starts sucking on your precious blood until the bitten area starts to itch. The humming of a mosquito near your ear is one of the most annoying things you could witness and hear. Well, there is more to it. The mosquitoes need a little stagnant water to breed and multiply inside your home. In a couple of weeks, you would be a feed to a hundred mosquitoes that co-live with you.

Diseases They Spread – There is a huge list of diseases that you can gey by a simple bite of the tiniest mosquito. Some of the most common diseases that make you worry and sick are malaria, dengue, river fever, and even encephalitis.

Pest Control – The most common pest repeller hack that you could try and save yourself from the mosquitoes is by keeping all your doors and windows shut at the time of dusk. Either keep them shut or get them a net screen. Do not leave any stagnant water unnoticed as the mosquitoes find it welcoming. The next thing you need to do is to get home natural pest repellent plant such catnips to add in greenery and keep you away from mosquitoes. Getting and plugging on an ultrasonic pest repeller device can also work wonders.


Who are the uninvited guests that sneak into your home when you’ve just set the table right with some delicious fish cuisines or chicken courses? Well, it’s the houseflies that fly into your home quicker than an airplane and to get tasting your food. Houseflies are as good as mosquitoes and the only difference you could find is that they do no suck your blood. Do not be happy because they enter your home to share your food and add a seasoning of some germs to it.

Diseases They Spread – Although the flies you see flying around you do not bite you, they are the carriers of some dangerous diseases that could be life-taking. The most common diseases they could spread are cholera, typhoid, and other dangerous diseases. You could call the flies as carriers of pathogens and a simple ignorance would make you fall sick.

Pest Control – The first trick to getting rid of houseflies is to not leave any food open and unattended. You can get home some ultrasonic pest repellers or pouches of any natural repellents. This keeps the flies and pests out of the home and also protects the humans inside the home from deadly diseases. Make sure all the garbage is segregated well and get a bin with a lid to dispose of wet waste and food waste. Just like how you keep mosquitoes away, do not ignore stagnant water and spray some natural pest repellents made out of spearmint oil or peppermint oil.

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