Some of The Best WiFi Scanners That You Can Use In Your Home

by artesianwell

We are now living in a world where WiFi is essential in the lives of many. WiFi is useful in a lot of ways, and you can use it in our everyday tasks like business, study, or work. It is what you use so that you access the internet in the comfort of your home if you have one, and you can connect as many devices as you want, from laptops to PCs, smartphones, laptops, and many more.

Because of this piece of technology, networks of WiFi are now widespread in this modern day. With most homes, businesses, schools, offices, restaurants, parks, and even facilities that belong to the government have one or two installed WiFi networks that they can use to access the web. And yes, this is how WiFi scanners enter the conversation.

The initial idea that you need to know is how the WiFi scanner works. It is what the name says, and the primary use of this technology is to scan any close by WiFi connections around the scanner. There are also scanners in the form of software applications.

Some are software that is already in your device, and you probably are using it already. With that, there are also hardware versions of WiFi scanners and has the same capabilities as the software. But to add to its use, the software is more convenient to use because you can check a WiFi detail wherever you are. So here are some of the best WiFi scanners that you can use.

Acrylic WiFi

Acrylic WiFi is one, if not, the best WiFi scanner today. Is it a set of programs that gives detailed WiFi analysis. It can give you the speed of the internet, connections security analysis, the overall WiFi’s performance, and the coverage of the WiFi.

It is perfect to use if you want to analyze your WiFi, and many homeowners and businesses use Acrylic WiFi because of the reliability it brings. For the central part, the primary purpose of Acrylic WiFi is to scan WiFi networks. In a brief explanation, WiFi scanners allow you to study the strength of your WiFi, and not just yours, but others too. Check this out to know more details about acrylic wifi.


NetSpot is also one of the best WiFi analyzer and scanner. You can access it on both Mac OS X and Windows, and it also offers free versions. Its main advantage relies on its ability to facilitate the planning of networks such as SolarWinds NPM, this WiFi scanner use heat visualization to know the noisy areas and dead zones where interference of channel may lead to issues.

It can allow administrators of IT to approach network building with a concrete understanding of how network and environment interaction is done so that they can avoid missteps. To add to it, NetSpot is capable of a productive survey to fix the network security.

It has a free WiFi analyzer that can detect unknown workstations and APs, and it can scan close networks to know their name, password protection, channel information, and more. The main setback of this scanner is that even the premium version is lacking in intelligent tracking and metrics.

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is handy and useful when it comes to monitoring the performance of the network, and it is capable of WiFi analysis. Just like the NetSpot, this WiFi scanner can discover routers and network devices to make a map. The visualization tends to be more cluttered so that it can be used immediately. However, PRTG can collect a great deal of data to warn WiFi troubleshooting.

For a tool for monitoring network performance, PRTG is useful for integrating the analysis of WiFi with more infrastructure monitoring. Many criticize its licensing model, which is expensive for big organizations because of its pricing schedule that is based on the sensor. Otherwise, it is a great option, especially that it can free 100 sensors.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some of the best WiFi scanners, you might be able to have at least one of those. These WiFi scanners will be able to help you if you have a business, or even in your home. You will be able to study your WiFi details and know what you can do about it.

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