How Cryptocurrencies are revolutionising the gambling industry?

by artesianwell


Since Blockchain was born a lot of new innovations came through and one of the first ones was exactly the newest methods of payment online: cryptocurrencies also called Blockchain 1.0 as Melanie Swan talks in her book.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous person that released for the first time in history the white paper about the new currency bitcoin started a new movement around something easy and mostly secure for everyone, so as a consequence a lot of things happened in the digital world. Thus, many people started to get information about this new technology and a lot more experts in the field were born.

The revolution in the Gambling industry

What is really fascinating from this new invention is the possibility to create something good for all the people in the world and not only for a few and powerful ones. This is such a great change in the world and the best is yet to come.

Let’s face-up what really means for all the companies and players out there in the gambling industry, or better-saying crypto gambling industry. Now, the companies can attract a new segment of customers and provide a better service for all the players that love to gamble. Not only is going to be more transparent but more innovative from all the point of views that the industry can think of.

For example, CryptoGamble.Tips a website dedicated to compare and help players from all over the world can provide an actual improvement in the market due to the reviews the experience of experts. Helping people to make a decision is quite a difficult thing to do but is one of the main reason all these new businesses are coming on the marketplace.

Many crypto casinos are having serious improvement from different perspectives, from having a new dedicated game where players can check anytime if the crypto operator is really fair with them or the crypto casino is having a higher edge, more than declared over the player. Thus, players are conscious about their RTP, return to player, and are more safe and secure to enjoy their time on this entertaining platforms.

What are the benefits for the casinos and for the market?

One of the first benefits for crypto casinos is the entrance in new markets. Innovation comes first for them due to the knowledge they have to acquire thanks to the developers part of their teams.

Security is definitely one of the keys in being on the blockchain technology, everyone that is going to play on their sites will have a new level of safety. The customer will benefit and the owner as well, it is a win-win situation.

For sure the market will have to adapt to this innovation even though is all about acquiring new knowledge and understand its functionality. For the rest, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or other altcoins are just another method of payment.

What we need to do sometimes is just be patient and give time to people to accept what is happening around them, in order to get the best out of this situation.

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