DIY Storage Ideas To Satisfy Neat Obsessions

by artesianwell

There will always be that part inside us that is obsessed with neatness. We seldom succumbed to buying items useful to stay on track with our neat freak frenzy. And people put a value on how these things can meet cleanliness and, at the same time, functionality. Yet, most of the time, these items are quite expensive and extensive.

Then there is the ingenuity that is innate in people—valuing being organized but at the same time ensuring that no money gets wasted. People put high regard to the environment in this generation, and using recycled items becomes a trend. Here are helpful ideas to create your own reusable do it yourself storage items.

Desktop Shelf Using Old Cereal Boxes

Working home becomes a trend nowadays, and people will usually allot a table space at home for their online work demands. Keeping desktop tables free from the clutter of books, pens, and papers will help put the mind working at ease. This DIY storage idea of using old cereal boxes into a desktop shelf will surely be a creative way of keeping working tables neat.

It will just only need old cereal boxes, and make sure to wipe them clean. Put these boxes together and keep them attached by using tape, either scotch tape or double-sided tape. To put an aesthetic of beauty to it, you need to wrap it with gift wrapping paper. Make sure to choose a design that will perfectly match your working desktop area.

Reuse Old Ceramic Pots Into Decorative Utensil Holders

Are you interested in putting a cliche of rustic feel into your dining area? These old ceramic pots will indeed highlight that ambiance. People are into gardening lately, and there will always be that possibility that some of these plant pots will be left unused. Reusing it into a different purpose will spice up a little creativity.

The old ceramic pots will be a good idea to put utensils. Just put a niche of color to blend into that rustic feel. Add design and decoration to cushion a glare of vintage feel. The ceramic pots will be useful to hold utensils according to order together. It will also surely put a little twist of a rustic theme into your dining area.

Reuse Wire Baskets

Reusing an item would mean that we see more than one purpose or use it for a specific thing. Like wired baskets are used to store vegetables or to organize grocery items inside a pantry. But behold, with a hint of ingenuity, these wired baskets can also be useful in many different ways.

The wire baskets can be converted into lovely furniture to add chic to your spaces at home. You can use it as a bookshelf where you can hang them on walls, and it will give that stylish look that can add that edge of elegance to your library, bedroom, and living room spaces. It can hold books that you can arrange according to colors to entice that neat freak in you.

Use Cardboard For A Uniform Shoe Gallery

Most people have high fetishes for shoes. Aside from them loving the hype of collecting shoes, they tend to be very particular in organizing it and keeping it clean. Most of the time, shoes are inside boxes that vary in color, sizes, and shape. And if you are obsessed with keeping things in order, these will pose a big problem.

The use of cardboard will put neatness align with the desire to put shoes accordingly in order together. This item will be of the same sizes and shapes to ensure an elaborated look of uniformity. It allows the storage shoe spaces to look clean, fab, and organized, giving that feel of calmness to people who are so obsessed with keeping things in order.


In a world that is chaotic enough, we cannot blame people for fathoming on putting a bit of order in their own lives. Thus for some keeping their spaces clean and organized becomes an obsession that allows them to ensure calm. It just needs a spice of ingenuity to recreate out of the box to come up with a creatively made DIY storage item.

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