Quarantine has taught us many things in the past few months, and beyond all the negativity and fear of what tomorrow may bring, people are learning to appreciate their own homes more. Freelancers, business owners, and even regular employees find the appeal of working from home and staying away from crowded office spaces.

Your home office may be long overdue for an upgrade, or maybe you want to give it a facelift to brighten up your day. Fortunately, there are creative ways to add depth to a home office without breaking walls or building custom cabinets. These are our precious recommendations for storage options that can fit any home office theme.

Winsome 10519 Halifax 5-Drawer Storage

Winsome’s clean and minimalist creation is the 10519 Halifax that features five stacked drawers with cut-outs to make it easier for access when placed in tight spaces. The casters that this drawer comes with can be added and removed anytime, depending on the set-up type.

The composite wood material is treated and painted in matte white to make it stain resistant, making it great if you’re going to change office storage ideas in the future. Whatever happens, this drawer will weather any interior elements that you throw at it.

Coaster Home Furnishings Glavan Contemporary Cappuccino Credenza

This coaster’s name is certainly a mouthful, but that’s with good reason as it has many features that separate it from the rest. Specifically, a credenza, but it can be used in many set-ups because of its unique design. The lift base is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that can carry heavy items such as small TVs, computers, and even sound systems.

It features three storage drawers, two file cabinets, and one storage compartment. These are all uniquely placed to cater to different storage elements from full packs of A4 paper to other miscellaneous items that your home office may have. A quality product will always reward you in the long run as this coaster is premium from top to bottom.

SONGMICS 6-Door Office Cabinet

One of the few iconic pieces of any home or commercial office is the standing drawer cabinet, and this offering from Songmics is one to look out for. It features a sleek and minimalist design that will fit in with any room color or theme. Every drawer on this cabinet can hold up to thirty-three pounds of weight, making it ideal for your bulk storage at home.

Internet’s Best Collapsible Storage Organizer

A linen and cloth organizer box are ideal for those looking to store their miscellaneous items without it sticking out an unpainted wall brick whenever you enter the room. Stack up multiple boxes of these, and you have yourself a DIY standing cabinet that weighs and costs half of what a conventional one would.

SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

Every home office will most probably have dedicated desk space and along with that is the high probability of it getting cluttered with office equipment over time. The Mesh Organizer is great for keeping your table clutter at bay without looking like it wasn’t planned to be on the desk.

FITUEYES Printer Stand

IF your home office has a printer lying around somewhere unappealing to the eyes, then this might be a great addition to the office table. The Printer Stand features storage underneath to keep all your paper organized and neatly filed within reach for convenience.


You can’t deny that bringing your office to your home seems like an overwhelming idea but with these useful recommendations, making your home office won’t be as difficult as you think. The items on this list are carefully researched and picked for the convenience of those wanting a proper guide on how to make working from home an experience to long for.

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