Makeup for Beginners: 6 Tips you should know

by artesianwell

We know that the makeup world can seem scary, especially for those just starting out. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place for beginners’ tips and tricks. With our beginners’ tips, you’ll be serving looks galore in no time.

Hydration is the key to the perfect base

Before applying any makeup, you need to create the perfect base. And this means moisturised, hydrated skin. For your foundation to look natural, it needs to melt into your skin, which won’t happen if your face is dry. Not to mention, your moisturiser provides a barrier between your face and your foundation. So make sure you apply a generous amount of moisturiser before you even think about the makeup. After a moisturiser, you want to pick a primer that will prep your face based on what look you’re going for. So if you want a poreless, matte finish, we’d recommend going for a smoothing, mattifying primer. But if it’s a dewy, glossy look you’re after, maybe an oil-based, hydrating primer is the best choice.

Less is more (at first)

The key with makeup is to go slow. It’s best to not apply enough of the product you’re using – whether that’s blush, foundation or concealer. This is because you can build it up as you go, adding more as you need. What you don’t want is to apply too much product on, then have to wipe off some of the other makeup you’ve already applied. Nightmare.

Blend blend blend

You want your makeup to look seamless, and this is why blending is so important. It’s easy to think you’ve blended enough, but then you catch your reflection in a different light and realise you looked like you got ready in the dark. So the main tip here is to blend blend blend, and then when you think you’re done, blend some more. It’s important not to rush this step because it can really make or break your makeup look.

Know your undertones

The more you know your skin, the better choices you can make for it. One of the biggest makeup mistakes people make is choosing the wrong colours for their undertones. You can have warm, neutral or cool undertones, and this can drastically change which shades of foundation, concealer and contour that you can use. Once you know your undertone, you can opt for the shades that will flatter your skin tone better, which will make your makeup look more natural.

Use a finishing spray for a natural look

Even if you want to create a super dramatic colourful makeup look, you want it to look fresh and stay in place all day. A makeup finishing spray is your best friend here. Remembering to spritz your favourite makeup spray on top of your makeup to keep it looking fresh and in place all day.

Be creative

Lastly, get creative! The best thing about makeup is that there are no limits on the looks you can create. Makeup is a great way to express your personality as well as explore your creative side. So you can look good and feel good all at the same time!

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