Mi Drop (ShareMe) PC – Download For Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac, iMac

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Mi Drop is an android app developed by Xiaomi, it is used for sharing and transferring files between  phones and other devices. Mi Drop was an inhouse file sharing app like ShareIt during MIUI 9 launch  back in November 2018. 

Initially, Mi Drop was inbuilt app for Xiaomi phones, now this app is compatible for all brand of  device which can be used to send files between Android devices and PC. This app is an inbuilt  feature like any other feature in the MIUI ROM. So with Mi-Drop we can easily transfer huge files  instantly. The app is user friendly and have a clean and simple user interface. Mi Drop is ads free  app, hence we will not be annoyed with unnecessary ads like any other file sharing apps. 

Apart from these Xiaomi have added FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which is not found in other file  sharing apps. With this feature we can easily transfer data files between Android devices and PC.  This feature was earlier available only in the Mi Explorer app but now Xiaomi have it listed on the  PlayStore. 

To open the FTP server page, users should to click on ‘Connect to computer’ option which we can  find in app menu, both phone and PC should be connected to same wireless network for data to be  transferred from phone and PC. 

Features of Mi Drop App 

  • This app allows users to easily transfer and share all kinds of files. You can share images,  videos, music, files and so much more between devices at any time you want. Files can be shared to others without needing to have an internet connection. You don’t  need mobile data or any kind of network to transfer and share files. 
  • The speed at which the files can be transferred is very fast. It is 200 times faster than  Bluetooth.  
  • Mi Drop supports all Android devices and you can easily download the app and use it on  your device. 
  • The application has a very clean, easy to use interface which helps users easily navigate the  app and transfer files quickly without having to face any problems. The files can be sorted  into categories in order to make them easier to find and share. 

App size 

Mi Drop takes the minimum space on your device and it occupies just 3 to 4 MB of disk space to  install. 

Mi Drop for Android device 

  • Application can be installed in android device by downloading the app from play store and  install. 
  • Once the app is installed it needs access to location and storage to be able to receive and  send files.
  • Keep the wifi on and share the password for receiving and sending the files. Once the access is set, you can click on Send and Receive option to either receive or send  files. There is separate folder for all the received files, so that the files can be easily accessed  when required. By clicking on share to PC and webshare option files can be easily shared to  PC and web. 
  • For Sharing the files between PC and android device the PC should be connected to device  wifi 
  • For webshare you have to share the URL code or you also have the option for scanning the  QR code. 

Mi Drop For windows ( PC)  

Initially to transfer files from device to PC we were using USB cable now we can share the  files,images, videos, PDFs just by using sharing app’s. By using Mi Drop we can easily transfer the  files with out any hassle. 

  • Mi Drop app can be downloaded by Google play store and installed on your PC/Laptop. The PC/Laptop and phone should be connected to the same wifi network. Mi Drop uses  Direct wifi for sending and receiving the data. 
  • By Clicking on the icon share to PC on device a page will open showing the Wifi status and  with a start button, by clicking on start button a widow on connection type will pop up you  can choose the option you want and click on ok button, when ok button is clicked you will  find ftp URL, with this URL connect the devics to PC/Laptop and start sharing the files. Once  completed click on STOP button.  

Mi drop for Mac ( PC) 

  • Make sure that your device and mac is connected to same Wifi network. Go to Mi Drop app on your device and click on share to PC, once you do that you will find  FTP code on the device. 
  • Enter FTP code in Mac spotlight search and enter as guest and click ok, go to download you  can see files of Mi drop displaying in Mac from there you share your files to Mac. 

Differences between Mi Drop and other Sharing app 

User Interface and Design 

Mi Drop have a clean and simple User interface. Unlike other app where you find unnecessary stuff.  The interface is so simple that you have only two option send and receive. 

Supported File Types 

Like any other app Mi Drop lets you share all types of files. You can send images, videos, PDFs, apps  etc, it also comes with a feature to share folders as well. 

Multiple User Sharing 

Mi Drop don’t support mutli-user sharing feature, you have to transfer files manually for every user.  Unlike SHAREit, it has a separate option for multi-user sharing under the menu icon at the top-right  corner on the homepage. 

File Transfer Speed

Mi Drop offers good file transfer speeds compared with other mediums. It can send files without any  size limitation as well. 

Cross-Platform Availability 

Compared with other sharing app Mi Drop don’t support other platform, Mi Drop is limited to  Android only. They neither have IOS version for any windows app. Mi Drop comes pre-installed on  Xiaomi devices. MIUI can be downloaded from play store and you can connect it to the computer as  well. 

App Size 

Compared to other sharing app Mi Drop consumes less space on your device. Mi Drop weighs just 3- 4 MB. 


Coming to the conclusion, there are few app which are older and more popular. However, there are  certain drawbacks with them. Such as it comes with lots of unwanted ads that you don’t prefer to  see every time you transfer a file and also comes with complex UI. Whereas Mi Drop is ad-free apps  with a clean UI. Moreover, the Mi Drop take a very small portion of your storage. So, if you want a  simple file-transfer app for Android devices with no ads, Mi Drop is clearly a good options.

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