Modern Minimal: Noir Luxury Accessories

by artesianwell

Black dictates a different power when it comes to fashion. You can always see it in top-tier luxury brands that make you feel superior when wearing it. It gives you the authority and, at the same time, the instant ability to carry yourself with clothes.

With the “noir” concept being nowadays, you might want to think about what silhouettes to use. You can go for geometric loose cuts, or skin-tight shapes for a modern vintage look. But with all these lined up, you might also want to consider the accessories this trend comes with. So what are these noir luxury accessories that you should pick up? Let’s find out.

1.Pitch Black Dials

Timepieces, whatever their colors are, bring authority when worn. But with more touches of black, you can emerge as someone more than disciplined. You become a man or woman of taste – an impression of someone strict and conscious.

The Fifty Fathoms collection of Blancpain will be the best example of this theme. From dials down to the strap, big hints of black surrounds these classic models. These also have automatic movement features, with a capacity reserve of 120 hours.

2. Sleek Utility Bags

If you are over-the-top adventurous, then having some new luggage is a must. Utility fashion is still a trend nowadays, with sleek designs and complicated functions. This is why utility bags in shades of black come in handy.

Harness-type bags made from leather are worn by many famous influencers. As an attribute in military fashion, these bags should be worn in front of your chest. This is an irresistible piece that you should look out for, especially in spring and autumn.

Utility bags are also streetwear symbols, making them familiar in many markets. But if you are looking for a striking piece with a price, you can go with A COLD WALL*. Their latest release of harness bags imbibes the most minimalists.

3. Classic leather belts

Nothing beats a leather belt as a daily accessory. And when it comes to modern luxury fashion, belts should also be taken seriously. You might want to look for the best grain that compliments your standard colors in the wardrobe. If you have satins, low-grained leather will do the trick. If you have more cotton, tumbled and high-grained will suffice your look.

For color, you need to tone down your look when it comes to every accessory. Unlike neon, black eases impressions to your outfit. This should also be applied to your shoes and bags. Wearing them with uniform color and material is a good start.

4. Premium performance sneakers

If you’re working out or want to feel comfortable, performance sneakers are your go-to’s. With lots of variations today, you need to look for a subtle yet refined pair with its brand. And going for black as a basis will lead you to a different outlook in your wardrobe.

Black promotes discipline and calmness in fashion. But with some intricacy, it brings your outfit in new perspectives. There are designs with “chunky” features like Off-White and Y-3. You can also go with minimal silhouettes like from the Adidas x Yeezy series.

5. Blackout Tints

The last “noir” accessory to complete the list are black-tinted aviators. And no, we are not talking about the MIB stuff that they use when flashing someone’s memories. Aviators with black tints are great for any dress code. When observed as a whole look, it gives out subtlety with a hint of luxury.

If you want a pair of premium aviators, Ray-Ban is your best bet. The brand’s signature silhouette and high-grade materials make a perfect wardrobe addition.


Black is an all-out color when it comes to fashion. It can be seen anywhere, but the point of wearing the shade is about subtlety. It embraces the ground and blends with the terrestrials that we see. This is the reason why you feel rugged, confident, and disciplined when wearing black.

Investing pieces in this type of theme is also a good move to do. Noir plays a safe agenda in clothing, making you more relaxed and free from consciousness. You can also have pieces from this theme in a separate wardrobe. This can give you an exclusive range when you’re in the mood for all-blacks.

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