The future is near: what technologies are used in casinos?

by artesianwell

The development of the casino has led to the fact that everyone can make an effective bet and earn money. To do this, you no longer need to go from home to the nearest clandestine establishment. It is enough to choose a reliable casino that can offer a wide range of slots to choose from, as well as other popular types of gambling at any convenient time. In addition to the transition of casinos to online, another feature of gambling establishments today are technologies that establishments introduce almost immediately after their successful testing. Some of these technologies that make betting more interesting and convenient are worth discussing separately. Among them:

  • blockchain;
  • RFID;
  • gamification.

This list is far from complete, since even now several establishments are implementing other solutions, thanks to which the casino has real advantages over competitors.

RFID technology

The peculiarity of this technological solution is to ensure the identification of objects, for which radio signals are used. First of all, RFID technology is relevant for land-based casinos, since it involves the installation of chips directly into chips. Why is this done? Don’t worry about the casino trying to outplay the user. RFID technology is solely aimed at collecting statistical data that helps to understand what preferences the players have when visiting land-based establishments. By tracking player behavior, it is possible to create more comfortable conditions and develop directions that are most relevant to users. RFID also counteracts theft, as it allows you to disable the chip if it leaves the casino.

Gamification in casinos

Considering the various technologies that are being implemented in casinos today, one cannot but say a few words about gamification. We have before us a full-fledged scientific industry, which serves to develop interesting, popular, and at the same time convenient products that players will want to use. In recent years, the popularity of this area has only increased. If you are interested in new technologies in betting, then the official website of Parimatch Tech allows you to learn more about them, since the company directly provides product and marketing solutions for the entertainment industry. More information about her work can be found here.

Gamification allows you to bring an element of interactivity into the game, making the usual gambling entertainment more modern. This is how bonus rounds became available in slots, and many casinos began to offer their visitors to go through full-fledged quests or take part in tournaments.

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Blockchain technologies at the service of casinos

Blockchain technologies are no longer surprising to anyone. With their help, you can buy goods, earn money, and also make any transactions, regardless of the size of the amount. The casinos also did not stay away from the use of clip currencies. Many establishments already accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for calculations. Other casinos are only planning to introduce this technology. Blockchain plays an important role in gambling, as the technology can be used to increase security, as well as speed up the process of replenishing a deposit.

Face recognition system

Personal identification allows the casino to be a safer place for entertainment and recreation. For this, a face recognition system is used today, which allows excluding access to bets for underage users, as well as to create a database of fraudsters, preventing them from spoiling the life of ordinary players on the portal.

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