Top 5 ASUS Routers

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ASUS is known not only for its high-quality PC components but also for its catalog of wireless routers as well. Their routers cater to most budgets and requirements although and most of them have a gamer-esque appeal just because of the company’s focus on high-end gaming products. Asus manufacturers a series of network routers which is directly competing with Linksys routers. The Asus routers normally ship with Broadcom chipsets, they have fast processors and have more memory than average routers. They have removable antennas and these routers should maximize your bandwidth and keep your security network smooth. For In-depth Asus Router Setup and Login guides you can refer to

Here we have the Top 5 best Asus routers which include the maximum potential throughput, maximum coverage offered and connectivity options.

  • ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX1100

The Asus Rog Rapture GT-AX1100 is one of the first 802.11ax routers to the market when the standard was just announced and it looks big and has the specs to match. It has a tri-band router with one 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz bands that can definitely offer a maximum throughput up to 11 Gbps. This device is built with gamers in mind and has the looks to match.

The offered wireless range of it is about 95 feet.


The Asus RT-AX88U is one of the very few Wi-Fi routers available and is a must buy for serious performance. This device offers everything that power user’s need in a networking device and internally it is powered by a 1.8 GHz quad-core CPU, with a 1 GB RAM and 256 MB of flash memory. It is dual band router with speeds up to 1.2 Gbps on the 2.4 GHz band and also upto 4.8 Gbps on the 5 GHz band respectively.

  • ASUS GT-AC5300

The Asus GT-AC5300 has consistently featured in most of our best router picks for the gaming and long-range routers. It is styled liked a typical gaming router and may even seem intimidating to some. It has a Game Intrusion Prevention System (Game IPS) that acts as a built-in firewall against external attacks.

It has a Tri-Band (2.4 + 5 +5) and 1.8 GHz quad-core CPU with VPN Fusion and its transfer data rate is 5.3 Gbps as well.


It is one of the best Wi-Fi routers and it comes with the good dose of security options. It also offers enhanced thoughput in 2.4 GHz band offering up to just 1000 Mbps and a 2100 Mbps in just 5 GHz band giving some of the triple-band routers a run for their money. The powerful 4-Tansmit 4-Receive (4T4R) antennas promise a wide coverage up to 5000 sq.ft.

It also offers Trend Micro’s AiProtection and AiMesh just like many other ASUS routers.


This one is another option to consider under less range of budget with the best spec. It has 1 GHz dual-core CPU eliminates bottlenecks while surfing using the USB 3.0 port for media sharing. It has a data transfer rate of 1.7 Gbps and it also offers the AIMesh and AiProtection just like the other best Asus routers.

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