What you didn’t know about celebrities and gambling!

by artesian well

The thought of winning or losing impressive sums of money, the emotional rollercoaster and the excitement of games themselves, they all fit like gloves the thrill-seeking personalities of celebrities. It’s no surprise then that famous sports people (but not only) seek the burst of excitement and find it – where else? – in good old gambling halls.

Want to find out the unexpected gambling stories of some of the most popular sports people out there? Here come four surprising blackjack, poker and slots enthusiasts, so sit back, relax, and keep on reading:

Basketballer Charles Barkley 

Charles Barkley is a huge enthusiast of both betting and gambling. He openly informed ESPN that he’s lost about 10 million dollars being so used to playing in casinos. To be more precise, Barkley lost at blackjack no more, no less than 2,5 million dollars in six hours, while one Super Bowl championship brought him losses of 700.000 dollars.

When asked what keeps him in casinos, the famed basketball player stated that everything’s just fun and games – his end goal is not to win incredible sums or triple his income with online slots, though they have sometimes brought him unexpected winnings at record speed. It’s simply a way to relax and take pressure off his chest!

Golfer Tiger Woods

The next one is an absolute professional – nobody is more skilled at table games than Tiger Woods! If we’re talking blackjack, the famed golfer plays per session with no less than 25.000 dollars cash at a limit of 1 million dollars. Whether he spins slots or plays baccarat in exotic casinos around the globe, Woods is well-known for the excessive amounts he can lose, but also win, at a gambling hall. He is also a favorite in the most select casinos in Las Vegas!

Footballer Mario Balotelli 

Dearest to us is Mario Balotelli, the ex-player of Liverpool, AC Milan and Manchester City. He is one of the few people who are as full of generosity as they are of luck. After winning no less than 25.000 pounds at a gambling hall in Manchester, the famous footballer donated a huge chunk of them without batting an eyelid to a homeless man who happened to be right then in front of the casino. If that’s not heartwarming, we do not know what is.

Basketballer Michael Jordan

Just like his good friend Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan always ends up being part of the action, regardless if on the basketball field or outside of it. An enthusiast of both betting and slots, Jordan declared in an interview that he’s never betted on his own matches, though he’s admitted to losing important amounts of cash to casinos. In 1993, for instance, he was seen relaxing in Atlantic City in a gambling hall, right before an important match against the Knicks. The basketballer underlines that his passion has never turned into addiction, fortunately.

These are only a small number of celebs in the world of sports who have developed a passion for games. Next to them we can easily place Wayne Rooney, Pete Rose, or Alex Rodriguez. If they were to live in Romania, however, they would probably need a casino with popular online slots, such as Maxbet.ro, to keep themselves entertained and spinning!  Maxbet Casino is the place where Romanian players are offered a wide number of sections to relax and have fun with!

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