3 Things Students Should Remember Before Looking for Public Transport Abroad

by Abhishek Mishra

Are you moving abroad? It is good news and indeed a proud moment for you! But things are not limited to a confirmed enrollment in a top university abroad. Many items are worth consideration, for a hassle-free stay in a not so familiar city for the first-timers. There are several challenges that a student might face and, therefore, should be well informed about the accommodation, university location, eating joints, entertainment zones, and more. Students should look for viable transport systems near their student accommodation and consider checking out other details like the location of bus stops and train stations, routes that make the daily commute easy, and also about student concessions offered on travel and commute.   


Given below are the 3 points to consider before choosing viable public transport abroad. 

Accessibility Options from Student Accommodation

While living abroad, students have to keep in mind that they will have to commute daily to their lecture halls and should have access to viable options of commuting. It is the second-most important thing after the choice of living accommodation abroad. Students should make sure they are living in student accommodation, which is close to bus stations, subway stations, and various tramways (if operational in the city of dwelling). Most student accommodations are strategically located within easy reach, where students can get affordable transport options for the daily commute. Most universities are also minutes away when taking a bus, metro train, and tram routes, else they can also hire bicycles as the next best travel alternative. For instance, buses ply regularly from the nearest bus stop in Perth, which is just a 4-minutes’ walk away from Boulevard Perth, student accommodation. 

Identifying the Route

Students settled in a new city should have full knowledge of the various routes of buses, trains, and trams that are under operation and also about the best possible ways to reach the enrolled university in considerably less time. For instance, buses in Adelaide operate on all roads across the city and also ply from significant student accommodations to make it easy for students to commute. For example, the rapid bus routes plying across the city of Vancouver is known as the,‘B Line’, which includes the 98 B Line route from the airport into the city that has secure transport connectivity to the top universities in Vancouver.

Ticket Fares & Travel Concession for Students 

Saving is a significant consideration for students planning to settle abroad. Apart from choosing to live in budget-friendly student accommodation, they should access ways to save on their daily commute and traveling within the city. The cities abroad offer passes and concession cards to students and help them save more and worry less. For instance, prices of concession cards on Adelaide, vary on the peak and interpeak travel time of buses. The travel fares of Berlin are divided into three tariff zones: AB, BC, and ABC. The AB Tariff zone covers the urban area to the city boundary. When it comes to concessions, each city located overseas, has its concession norms for students. Most universities, like for instance in Berlin, offer a semester ticket as part of the registration fees allowing students to travel anywhere, within the city where the University is located, for free and also explore the city with a nominal charge which is considerably less than the average cost of travel for tourists.   

With the aforementioned points in mind, students can avail of public transport in a best-articulated manner, to reach their university on time. Likewise, they can also make a more informed decision on the property location with easy accessibility to the various modes of transport and also the student concessions available on daily commute and travel in their residing city overseas. University Living, the student accommodation platform, offers easy and reliable accommodation booking for students living abroad.

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