How to Plan the Ultimate Christmas Party

by Artesian Well

What makes Christmas so special is the tradition of it all, and that tradition ultimately boils down to you. If you want to host an annual Christmas party and have your friends and family not only know about it but anticipate it every year, then start! New traditions can be made at any time, the secret is keeping up with them so that they add that warm magic to the season – and what better way to do that than organize an event where all your loved ones get together?

If you want to start hosting amazing Christmas parties, then start today. This guide will help you plan accordingly so that you can get everyone over and have a roaring good time.

Create the Guestlist

First things first, you need to create a guest list. There are online tools that you can also use, so once you send out your invites, your guests can RSVP. Make sure they know how important it is to RSVP since it will determine how much food and drink you buy for the party. You can even have everyone select which of a few dates works best for them, and so on. This way, you can plan the party when most guests are free.

Work Out Food and Drink

Planning food and drink for a large guest list can be difficult, but there are fun ways to make it easier, and you also don’t need to do it alone. You can ask some of your guests if they’d be happy to bring some food or drink with them. If you do this, remember to coordinate so that everyone brings something different.

As for your own efforts, think in bulk. Many great cocktail recipes can be made in batches so your guests can enjoy a seasonal drink that’s delicious and boozy without much extra effort on your part. Similarly, you can create sheet dishes designed to feed large groups in advance. Then, throughout the party, just put one in at a time to reheat and serve. This will keep the party going with minimal additional hosting on your part.

Tip: if you enjoyed making those cocktails, set up a bartending stand. This is a great way to host your guests and catch up with everyone since they’ll be coming to you for drinks.

Bring Out the Décor

If you feel like your Christmas décor isn’t enough, ask friends or family if they wouldn’t mind bringing some extras a bit before your party so that you can decorate more evenly throughout your home.

You should also ask them to bring extra seating, especially if they have any fold-out chairs or even pillows they won’t mind being put on the floor. As the party goes on, people are going to want to sit. Having optional additional seating is a must.

Plan Activities

If you want to keep the party going, plan activities. This can be fun party games, it could be to slow the evening down with a classic Christmas film (and drinking game, if it’s adults-only), or you could even create a dancing playlist.

By separating the night into different activities, you can actually lead the party in a good direction so that the entire night feels fun and satisfying.

Make Changes for Next Year

Understand what worked well and what didn’t, and make adjustments to next year’s party so that it’s better and better every year!

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