Remodel Your Kitchen with Latest Howdens Kitchen Trends

by Maria Kairuz

Kitchen is the centre of attention of any home today. Therefore, planning your kitchen with the latest trends is essential to change the dynamics and enhance the visual appeal of your interior without losing its practicality.

There was a time when the kitchen was hidden away from a living room. It was just a place loaded with dirty dishes and ingredients for preparing meals. The kitchen still serves these functions but in a more stylish manner. Today, kitchens are not hidden away but made the focal point of any stylish home.

Over the years, kitchens are changed with a lot of technological advances, contributing to the evolving social dynamics. Now the focus is on open concept living spaces, which are based around a modular kitchen. With modern design trends, minimal and clean styles are also becoming favourites of homeowners. Moreover, natural light is becoming an important part of the overall appearance and function of any cooking space.

Here are some latest Howdens kitchen trends to spruce up your kitchen with advance elements and minimalism:

Trend 1: Technology-Integrated Smart Kitchens

Just like the rest of your house, technology has also become an integral part of Howdens kitchen worktops in the form of fancy appliances and gadgets. Today, homeowners are happy with technology-integrated cooking spaces – from sensor-controlled faucets to voice-controlled lighting.

This is called a smart home.

You can even add smart gadgets, sensors and voice-controlled appliances to your old kitchen, making it a part of this high-tech kitchen trend.

Trend 2: Not White, Dark Colours are in

While white countertops and cabinets give a classic appeal to any kitchen style, these are slowly going away, as people are rooting for dark colours and themes. Nowadays, you can see the kitchen islands in more fancy colours and finishes.

Some of the popular colours are in shades of green and blue. Besides the hued colour palette, dark jewel tones are also making way into modern kitchens. Some of the dark-themed colours are black, emerald green, navy and plum. These shades are likely to add a dramatic yet luxurious feel to modern cooking spaces.

Trend 3: Streamlined Design Aesthetics

Although mid-century and farmhouse styles are still popular, modern homeowners are inclining towards more streamlined kitchen designs, textures and materials. For creating a stress-free kitchen environment, simplicity and clean lines are ideal for remodelling a kitchen space.

All you need to do is remove all your upper wall cabinets and adapt to the open visual space. This will make your kitchen appear brighter and larger. Open shelves and minimalist Howdens splashbacks would be great additions for storage and focal point as you desire.

Trend 4: Quartz is Ruling

If you wish to design high-end kitchen countertops, then quartz is still ruling the market. This stylish material is tough and can stay virtually forever. Furthermore, it is a breeze to maintain and also antibacterial and hence, perfect for modern homeowners with busy work schedules.

It is also available in a wide range of finishes and colours, as well as realistic natural stone patterns. With elaborate veining and swirls, quartz can even imitate granite and marble effects without carrying their downsides. That’s the reason homeowners still love it.

The most popular shades loved by homeowners are taupe, grey, cream and even black. Even the pattern preferences are changing from veining and swirls to more cleaner and minimalist styles. So, this material must be on your list if you want to create a modern, minimalist kitchen space.

Trend 5: Effective Cabinetry

The major problem with most kitchen cabinetry is that it wastes unnecessary space. All the basic shelves and drawers are designed in a structure that usually wastes a lot of space. The worst thing is that the available space for work is either too small or too large. If it’s small, you will not have enough space to work and if it’s too wide, you won’t be able to organize the space efficiently.

So, efficient kitchen storage is one of the major foundations of a functional kitchen today. If it is ineffective, you will face endless challenges and annoyances. But to counter all the woes, homeowners are looking for better storage solutions in the form of cabinetry. There include well-structured pull-outs for spices, appliances garages for utensils, drawer dividers to keep cutlery, tray dividers and caddies for pots and pans, as well as wastebasket cabinets to dispose of garbage. All these clever cabinet solutions offer an easier way to store your food, beverages and even small appliances in an organised manner.

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