Blend Outdoors & Indoors With Your Kitchen Design Scheme

by Maria Kairuz


The kitchen is a beautiful medium to blend your indoors and outdoors effortlessly. However, you must know the right color scheme or element while considering kitchen extension to outdoors.

Extending your indoor kitchen to an outdoor patio or backyard is a brilliant way to make your small kitchen look spacious. Meanwhile, you get to blend both indoor and outdoor elements without much effort.

However, when considering the outdoor kitchen materials, find more durable products that can withstand sunshine, rain, snow, and other outside elements.


Here are the best materials that work perfectly for both indoor and outdoor kitchen designs:

1. Concrete: This worktop material is associated with outdoors, as it is commonly used for making driveways, sidewalks, and patios. But recently, it has also been considered as a popular material for indoors. If sealed properly, it requires very low maintenance. On the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with the sealing process, consider adding concrete-like quartz kitchen worktops to the interior and use natural concrete outside, as quartz is not UV-resistant.

2. Textured Pavers: If you need a material with more upkeep than smooth concrete material, textured pavers are a good rustic flooring option to bring the outdoor vibe into your kitchen. It is a highly durable material and affordable too. But be sure to check with retailers or manufacturers about how to seal the pavers to prevent them from drink and food spillage.

3. Dekton: Dekton kitchen worktops are perfect options for both indoor and outdoor cooking spaces. This is because this material is highly-resistant to UV-rays and also makes a great indoor kitchen countertop because of its resistant against scratches, heat, stains, and impact. It is also available in a variety of interesting textures, colors, and sizes for extended kitchen designs.

4. Marble: If you love natural stones, marble is a great material to blend indoor and outdoor flooring or countertops. While marble has a porous surface that absorbs moisture, you’ll be surprised to know that most old monuments around the world like the Taj Mahal and certain Roman sculptures are made from marble. These natural stones can withstand outdoor elements like heat, rain, snow, or UV rays with ease. It can also be used inside the house; however, you need to be careful while using marble kitchen worktops, as they require annual sealing to avoid stains and scratches.

How to Blend Indoors and Outdoors with Kitchen?

  • Plan the layout: The kitchen layout is very important when trying to bring outside elements inside your kitchen. While the indoor kitchen layout is well-defined by doors, walls, and windows, the outdoor kitchen is defined by its own space. You also need to consider some extra factors for an outdoor kitchen. For blending outdoor and indoor elements, you can choose the L-shaped design. This design option lends an interesting sense of room division to the entire area.
  • Outfit your kitchen in style: Once you decide the structure of the kitchen, consider the placement of appliances and materials as per the layout. Adding garden decorations like potted plants can add an outdoor element to your indoor kitchen. Likewise, you can add cushioned seating outside to form an inviting outdoor space.
  • Exterior-grade lighting: Attractive lighting fixtures are the key elements of any kitchen, as it can help you bring outdoors inside with your fixture selection. Also, go clean with simple porch lighting like wall sconces for adding character to your industrial style kitchen.
  •  Add outdoor-style furniture: Another way to add an outdoor vibe to your interior spaces is via furniture. You can add a sturdy picnic table to your kitchen for dining and adding a whimsical touch to your cooking space. Even cafe tables and chairs make a good option for homeowners with little space. These furniture pieces are easy to move around, even outside, as you desire.
  •  Exterior-grade metals: The metals are the best materials to withstand outdoor elements while adding contemporary, industrial feel to your indoor kitchen. You can add metal pieces both inside and outside the kitchen to make both spaces seem blended.
  •  Indoor-outdoor rugs: This may seem basic but do wonders for any outdoor or indoor space. Make use of indoor-outdoor rugs in bright and bold colors or whimsical patterns. Place these rugs inside and outside your kitchen space to make the internal and external areas appear blended.

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