Spectacular Ways to Delight your Corporate Team on Diwali

by Emilia Dawson

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Often when we speak about Diwali, we are struck with the thoughts of Shopping, firecrackers, homemade sweets, relatives & family exchanging greetings & Diwali Gifts, etc. But, have you ever thought about how Diwali is celebrated in corporate offices? Or what can be done to celebrate Diwali in corporate offices? If you are in a dilemma of choices, then these few tips can help you in your quest for a successful Diwali celebration.

The Gifts – Diwali is often cited as the best time for corporate gifting. Whether it is business partners, clients, employees, or colleagues, searching the best Diwali gifts for corporate every year is a tedious task & includes various factors that contribute towards perfect Diwali gifts. Giving chocolates, dry fruits & sweets is always a great option, but when added with a personal touch it will be more impactful, on the other hand, you can also go for a novelty gift which will be useful in their work life. 

The Potluck – Organizing a potluck lunch at work is not just a high Diwali activity, but also a great way to get out of that dull work environment & have some fun, where employees can bring homemade dishes of their choices & the entire office can taste different delicacies. Another option is where employees from different communities can bring delicacies that are famous in their regions. So there will be regional varieties which everyone can enjoy.

Fun Activities – Turn your office into a fun zone by organizing different activities, like pottery, painting earthen diyas along with ethnic wears for work, office decoration competition, and dance competitions. You can also plan various games & activities for employees with an eco-friendly twist. You can also arrange for a party along with a special lunch or dinner accordingly.

Sweet making competition – As we know, every festival calls for a sweet celebration, so why not have a sweet making competition at work. In today’s world, we are so busy that we have forgotten the tradition of making homemade Diwali sweets. So encourage your employees to take part & relive the tradition of making homemade sweets. In the end, you can reward the winner.

Ethnic Dress Competition – You can add some fun by asking your employees to come to work dressed ethnically. It will be a pleasing sight when everyone walks into work in beautiful & colorful ethnic dresses. You can also pick 5 or 10 best-dressed employees & do a ramp walk competition, and you can award sweets & chocolate gift hampers to the winners.

A theme party – ‘Work hard & Party harder’ is what most people believe in nowadays. You can keep a Bollywood theme party where the employees can come dressed as their favorite Bollywood stars & show some acting skills or mimic their favorite actors, or you can keep a color theme party like red & black, green & yellow, etc. Have some exciting games with Diwali theme, a dance competition & much more.

Diya & Rangoli Competition – Diyas & Rangoli have always had a strong association with Diwali celebrations, so you can arrange for competitions where people can make Diyas with their own hands & color them & also make colorful rangoli using flowers, shredded color papers or colors made from food items, instead of chemical-based colors. The employees can create various designs with the combinations of diyas & colors, & the best one gets rewarded.

Spread Smiles – When festivals arrive, they bring along an exuberant environment. The gifts, new clothes, food delicacies, firecrackers, etc. are things that are enjoyed by many. But within our midst’s there are a lot of unfortunate & unprivileged people who desire the same joy that people like you and me share. So as human beings, it is our moral responsibility to look after the needs of such people & bring some happiness into their lives. You can arrange for employees to volunteer and visit NGOs that house underprivileged children & spend some time with them, also collect & distribute old items that can be reusable like clothes, toys, books, etc. You can also visit old age homes & spend time with the elderly who are abandoned by their children and bring a smile on their faces.

Also, keeping in mind the festive season, we need to make sure that our celebrations don’t have any negative impact on our environment & planet. Have green, healthy & happy Diwali.

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