Roadmap to Live a Happy & Healthy Relationship with Parents

by Rohan Gupta

Roadmap to Live a Happy & Healthy Relationship with Parents

You got your beautiful skin from your mother. You got your smile from your father. You got that mischievous from your brother- These are the few things you would always hear from your family, friends, or someone who knows you and your parents. The tendency to inherit from parents makes a lot of difference for kids. No matter how old we become, for parents, we are still the small kid who need support and encouragement for all their lives.

With the busy schedule, we could not make enough time for the parents, and this is where one should understand how and when they can make a proper roadmap for them to feel special. If you are distant from them for studies, work, or any other particular reason in general, then you can certainly take the help of online cake delivery in Delhi to surprise your folks any time of the year. We do generally celebrate folks birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and so on, but when it is on a casual day or the most fantastic day, it will double the joy and happiness for them.

Something in life never changes. Like mom will still shout on you about the mess in the wardrobe that you have created, the weight you are gaining, marriage discussion, and once you are married than for the kid and so on. On the other hand, dad will always start the conversation with the career where you are heading; they will make you go mad for investing money somewhere rather than spending on clothes, parties, or buying some unnecessary stuff. No matter how much they try to shout at you, pampering and care to lie behind it. So it is always good to accept the fact and enjoy the little shouts with open-minded. It is still good to listen to whatever parents teach you or make you understand when you are wrong. Maintaining a steady relationship with the folks will enhance your love forever.

But at times, maintaining a cordial relationship with parents can be disturbing when they are going through the divorce phase. This is where you have to be very mature and take all decisions strongly and firmly. You can always make them understand why they should be together and why they should think about the decision again. On the other hand, you should not judge them and start debating on that is wrong and right. Keep yourself always open with the mind and accept the changes the way it is. Keep in touch with them even then they are separate from each other. Have a good conversation with your folks and discuss with them so that they won’t feel the negligence because of one person.

Following are the few tips that can help you to build a strong relationship with your folks:

1) Consider your people as your best friends. Yeah, there can be little hesitation in the start to talk to your parents about your likes and dislikes, but they would know where you are right or wrong. The guidance from them never goes amiss. Share your little secrets with them just like your friends, not entirely but a gist of it, and then see how well you go with them for trusting all your social matters all day long.

2) Always talk with them about the things that bother you. Maybe it’s about friends. It’s your neighbors or family, tell them if something or someone is disturbing you. Sometimes we keep everything to ourselves, thinking that this will hurt them, but in general, you are hurting yourself with keeping thoughts in mind. This can hamper your happiness, so it is always better to open up with your folks about the things that bother you the most.

3) You might be busy in your school, college, job, or social life, but spending time with your parents is like a therapy. Sharing thoughts with parents is the perfect place where you know no one will judge you, and then you can widely open up talks where you might need advice or suggestion for your good.

4) Plan a vacation thrice in a month or spend the small weekend with parents or siblings. This ensures a healthy and strong bond between the two. Spending time with folks on the weekend is proven to be very useful in bonding, and hence, this can help in building a healthy relationship for a long time.

5) When you all are home, ensure that you eat your meals together with no disturbance of television, mobile phone, or any songs in the background. Share your meal, share your thoughts, and someone has rightly said,” The family that eats together stays together.” So follow this beautiful mantra and enjoy the bonding over meals. You never know what you will miss in the future when it’s gone. So enjoy all little moments of your life with your folks.


Maintaining a healthy relationship with folks is not a difficult task, but yes, you have to take extra efforts in doing so. Communication is one of the proven factors that can lead to a happy relationship with parents, and this does not mean saying hi, bye, or small talks. The communication should be daily, sharing your day with them, spending time over meals, or going on a weekend together. Like you give importance to your friends when hanging out together, ensure that you have fun with folks too. Go out and have some chilling time like never before and see the bonding growing together forever.

You can also use online cake delivery in Delhi to surprise them with delicious cake, favorite flowers, or sumptuous chocolates on a casual day. Also, don’t forget to celebrate important events with them together. Plan surprise parties for them on their Birthday, Anniversary, or any event that is very close to their heart. This will surely help in building a healthy relationship with your parents like never before. Try this and let us know how this has helped you in creating a lasting memory with your folks.

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