How To Plan Your Uk Immigration In Three Simple Steps

by Amy Jones

Many people from around the world immigrate to the United Kingdom every year. It has always been an attractive destination for people who aspire for a more prosperous and safe future. The quality of education, health and social security, pension schemes, and acceptance of every religion makes it one of the most sought after place for people from all over the world to migrate and settle down. Opportunities to grow professionally and economically are immense. Many Indians have been migrating to the UK over the years, and the trend doesn’t seem to stop. United Kingdom Immigration Services help aspirants in facilitating their entire immigration process
There are specific procedures that need to be followed if someone wants to immigrate and get UK citizenship. Proper planning has to be done to satisfy the conditions for successful immigration to the UK. This article here tries to help you in planning for your impending migration.

Specific steps that you must take before you think of permanently settling down in the UK are explained below.

Getting the Visa

As is the norm in any other country, you cannot enter the UK without a valid visa. United Kingdom Immigration Services mandates all illegal entrants and even legal entrants who overstay their visa period to be prosecuted and deported back to their native country. Citizens from the European Union can enter the UK on an EU passport. Work there; This means that if you want to live and the first thing you need to do is obtain a valid visa. Application for a visa can be made online or at the consulate office in your country. The online visa application process is time-consuming and may take a few months before a decision is made. There are different types of visas, depending on the purpose of the visit. The process and the application fees vary according to the type of visa applied for. Indians who want to immigrate to the United Kingdom can apply for a UK visa from India through UK visa immigration service. If your visa is approved and you arrive in the UK, your next step should be to open a bank account.

Opening a Bank Account

If you plan to settle down in the UK permanently, you need to open a bank account at the earliest. However, opening a bank account is not that easy for foreigners. It requires a lot of documentation in terms of identity proof. If you have just arrived there, you may not have rent or lease agreement, utility bills, etc., to confirm your residential address. Even if you provide a few necessary documents, your bank account will be opened with limited facilities only. There are three categories under which bank accounts can be opened in the United Kingdom.

  • High net worth individuals, the definition for which varies among
  • different banks but usually it is above $ one million.
  • Working professionals in the process of moving to the UK

Those who arrive in the UK without any employment and want to do it themselves.

Documents Required

  • Passport.
  • Employment letter from the company you work for.
  • Lease deed or utility bills in your name to confirm your UK address.
  • Letter from your present bank stating your credit history. This is required to check your financial standing. In case you are unable to provide this, recent bank statements containing your name and address will suffice.

With the view to curb fraud and money laundering, the banking regulations in the United Kingdom have been made very strict. You should, therefore, carry as many identity proofs as possible when you go to open a bank account.

National Insurance Number

National Insurance Number is a unique personal identification number that is allotted to you. It is recognized by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). Without the NI number, you are generally not allowed to work in the UK. If you are working without NI number, you are liable to be charged Emergency tax.
The National Insurance number helps the government keep track of your income and ensures that whatever contribution you are liable to make towards the UK Social Security and State Pension System are collected. If you are employed, you have to provide your NI number to your employer, and your contribution towards the Social Security and State Pension System will be deducted by your employer every time you receive your salary. To apply for NI number, you have to seek an appointment for an Evidence of Identity interview at the local jobcentre plus.  You will be required to submit your proof of identity, a statement about your past work and travel history and also the reason why you arrived in the UK. You can also apply online. It is advisable to apply for the NI number as soon as you arrive in the United Kingdom as the process takes some time to accomplish and you will be taxed at a higher rate if you are working without the NI number.

To sum up, if you are planning to immigrate to the UK, the above mentioned three steps should be taken care of first. Certain types of visas are a bit complicated to get. To avoid any mistakes in the documentation, you should channel your visa application through United Kingdom immigration services. Indians planning to move to the UK and settle down can start the process by initially applying for a UK business visa from India or UK visitor visa from India and then take things forward as may be required.

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