How to Equip Yourself for Duck Hunting

by Warda Yasir

Duck hunting is not only an exciting and thrilling experience, but it is also something that requires a lot of practice, patience, and correct learning. You need a lot of equipment, just like another hunting experience. You must know the stuff that is important for you and its functionality as well. You must not be spending a huge amount on getting every stuff unless it is essential and necessary for you.

Pay very close attention to your every next move:

Your one wrong step at duck calls might not only scare your birds, but it will also make a lot of disturbance and problem for the people around. If you want to be a part of a team, you must not lack behind and master the art of duck hunting experience. Since there are so many options available in the market, you might get confused with your final purchase decision. The final decision to select the best equipment will ultimately affect your performance and your hunting g experience as well.

Important Features you must Consider When Buying Duck Calls.

i, Reed

a, Single Reed

If you are opting for a single reel option it is confirmed that it will cause vibration. So, you must have a full and tight control over the air specifically you blow. Apart from this you need to know the position of tongue efficiency so you know in which direction air needs to be blown in order to balanced. A single reel is going to create a lot of noise for you so it is always better and convenient to use it in the open fields and water. This practice will help you create variations of sound for best duck calls.

b, Double Reed     

If you are at a beginner’s level then you will be seeking the help of a duck call with double reed much easier to use. It is specifically designed for a friendly style of call and it efficiently creates a sound “quack” call. You don’t have to be a professional to know how to use it.

c, Triple Reed

It is a preference of people in the market but their share is very low since through this reel it takes years to reach at the perfection. You literally have to Push air past three reeds can be rather difficult for a beginner or someone who uses this type the first time. If this is your call you always need to remember this that you must not forget to keep it protected against the harsh/unpredictable weather. These equipment needs to be protected if you aim to take it in the long run.


ii, Material

a, Wood

If your preference and call is for a comparative smooth tone that is able to deliver a quitter tone, in this case the duck call specifically needs to be made from Cedar, Timber, and Rosewood. This deliver a rich yet soft sound. Whereas on the other hand if you are seeking options for comparatively loud and sharp noises you must consider Cocobolo, Walnut, and Maple. As a rule of thumb, the models that are made specially from wood always create realistic noise but always keep this in your mind that they are also very sensitive to temperature.

b, Acrylic

This material is known across the globe for its durability and long-lasting features. The key feature of this material is that it always creates unique and loud sound. The basic purpose and motive of loud yet crisp tone will ultimately give permission to the hunter to have control of the calling.

c, Plastic

This is the option available in the market for people who are always tending to find options at the higher end with respect to efficiency and productivity also budget is a big constraint for them. In the past this all has been ignored but with the time it is getting fame and getting back in market as popular as acrylic. This is because beginners purchase these for practice. You can improve your skills so you can go to the next materials.

The one very obvious and highlighted reason among the rest is, waterfowl hunting involves different activities where you have to get in the cold water to catch your target. This is why best waterfowl waders is a piece of essential equipment that you must have before exploring the possible catches

 Review of some Best Duck Calls

1. Zink ATM Green Machine Acrylic Duck Call.

If your style matches with the loud duck caller, this is your pick. The design of this model is specially for loud duck calling. The feature of loud volume will allow you to reach out to the ducks more conveniently and easily and thus you will have effective results even on windy days. The specific Z-cut has a no-stick tone channel this enables you a range of sounds.  The durability is the best feature of this model you can easily use it anytime without thinking twice about the temperature.

2. Echo Diamond-wood Double Reed Duck Call

If your set objective of duck calling is a close call, this is the perfect model to help you out. The noise that it creates is always irresistible to birds. Just by using it once, you will witness the results. It has a poly insert, which means that it produces a mellow yet raspy tone.

3. Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series.

This model is known as the most accessible model to be operated and the most convenient approach that you can have for a duck hunting experience. The sound that this model creates looks precisely like a duck. The specific wide range of vocalization enables you to have a thunderous voice in open water applications As well as, it has a raspy low end for finishing ducks. The purpose of the double reed is to ensure that you always sound like a pro on every attempt.

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