Best Haloween Destinations for 2019

by Sarah Marry

Haloween is coming, and you might have thought of the places you may spend your perfect Haloween holidays at. Don’t worry. This blog is to tell you about the places you may visit this year. I’m a native American and have been celebrating Haloween and Christmas in a home country, that is why I can guide you about the places I’m aware of most. The last year when I was in Morocco for family holidays, I found a very different concept of the same event in the name of Boujloud Festival. It is called the Moroccan Haloween. If you want a unique experience in Moroccan Haloween, you must search for it on the internet and be part of that very interesting festival. Now let me tell you about the other places in the world to make your perfect Haloween Vacations.

Find the Ghostly locations on earth this Haloween

It’s October, and you must be planning to make your perfect holiday. Below are the very ghostly and ideal destinations for you to enjoy your Haloween Holidays.

Salem, an ultimate Haloween Holiday destination in the US

It is the most famous place in the US, even in the world, to celebrate Halloween Holidays with family. What you will find there would be the experiences like Magic shows, parades of costumed youth, re-enactments, and wich’s circle shows. The destination has a lot of opportunities for your kids like Museums, Joy lands, and food opportunities. The very famous dish of the place is Thattu Vada, which can be found at any renowned restaurant in the famous food street in town. Salem will not disappoint you if you are intended to fly to Salem, this is the best decision you have made. Good luck!

Palermo in Sicily a family destination

Did you see such a scary place full of thousands of Mummies? You will experience to witness the 8 thousand mummies in Palermo, Sicily city of Italy. It is my personal experience to be there; we had the remarkable experiences looking over the 8 thousand mummies there, which have the specific history of it you will be learning by your guide there. There are various hunting opportunities there, and if you feel hungry, which of course, you will. Sicily offers you excellent hotel facilities to live and have great meals in the local restaurants. Palermo is also famous for its beer and beaches. If you are there, you will be spending there at least a week to explore the place with its famous foods and other experiences. Meusa is a very renowned dish there. You will be served in the restaurants in town. There are various activities in the city to keep your kids busy. In short, Palermo can make your holidays a heavenly experience.

Opt for Indian Destinations like Bhangarh Village

Bhangarh is a village of India, a very haunted place that can give you the best Haloween experiences. It locates in the Rajasthan state of India and a famous for the historical remains. Bringing your kids to India is not a bad idea, especially celebrating the Haloween is the best opportunity. India, especially its Rajasthan, gives you all the facilities like living and India’s vast and abundant food. You will have the experiences of the remains and will take the tour of another way out. There are so many stories regarding the fort of Bhangarh; your kids will enjoy the place, I’m sure. The famous dishes of the site are Daal baati, Laal Maans, and Thaali. Also, don’t miss Kachori and Mirchi, baba. India will inspire you in many aspects. My suggestion is if you are thinking of going for Haloween, at least believe in the ideal location in India.

Why not Romania? It’s a great place

When we talk about the Haloween in Romania, we can’t ignore Transylvania. Being there, you will experience the visit to Quaint Bran castle and the most haunted locations on earth. If you are thinking of having your Holidays different from others this time, you will have to book your ticket to Romania. A very famous dish in Romania is Zacusca. You will find this dish in the local restaurants in Romania; Tripe soups are one of the other prominent dishes for travelers.

Fez, Marrakech, Morocco

It is a unique experience, not on the dates of original Haloween celebrations in the world, but very famous, though. You will find the dates of Haloween Morocco just near to their very renowned event “Eid of Sacrifice.” After that event, Moroccans arrange the feast and dancing. Music event called the Moroccan Haloween, the Boujloud Festival. In this festival, youngsters wear the skins of their sacrificed animal, wear them with a haunting mask, and parade all around the town or colony. Moroccans make famous dishes on these three days’ festival. It is such an excellent opportunity to take part in the celebration. Good for you!

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