7 Fashion Tips For Slaying Any Outfit

by Harry Miller

It is not humanly possible to invest in hundreds of outfits so that you can wear a unique dress every day. However, you can slay the same outfit in different ways. I may not be an expert on fashion, but my subscription to fashion-related channels on my Spectrum triple play package has taught me a lot. I should share those with you so that you, too, can kill it no matter what the occasion!

Fashion Tips to Slay Every Outfit

Define Your Style

To begin with, you should define your style because one method doesn’t need to look good on everyone. One person may carry shorts well while another individual might rock the mom jeans look. The piece of clothing that you are wearing does not decide whether you look slay or not. The only determinant of that is your fashion statement and your unique style.

And while defining a particular style for yourself (one that you feel comfortable in as well), do not shy from being too different. Your life. Your decisions. Don’t let anyone dictate your style. Once you achieve this, you are ready to dress your best always!

Dress According to Your Body Type

While defining your style, you should be careful that you do not end up resorting to the clothes that do not suit your body type. Everyone has a body type, and it differs from person to person. Some women have a pear-shaped body, while others carry a pear-shaped body. Some women also fall under the rectangular-shaped authority.

So, you get an idea of what I mean by body type, right? Moving on, once you are sure what your body type is, purchase clothes according to that. You can read fashion blogs to get more guidance. Or you can also follow prominent stylists and learn from them. The options are unlimited. You need to have the will to look different.

Belt Your Layers

Layering has become quite a standard among all the fashion tips you’ll hear. If you are someone who loves wearing a couple of layers in summers and winters both, then you should carry those layers fashionably as well. Depending on the type of pieces of dressing that, you are planning to layer.

However, there is a slight issue with layering as well. We may end up looking a bit too bulky if the layering is not done right. This can make you look funny and not fashion-y at all. Therefore, you can follow the given steps to slay a layered look:

       Layer a thin full-sleeve shirt under a sleeveless dress

       Wear a button-down shirt on top of it but leave it open

       Top it all with a furry vest

       Pull all the layers together with a belt

You can adopt any style you like. But this was to give you an idea of how you can go about it.

Knot Your Oversized Tee

T-shirts are versatile wear as they are always in fashion and you can do a lot with them. If you are about to wear an over-sized tee, make the look slay by knotting it. It will give you an instant gorgeous look. Out of all the fashion tips, this one will work wonders for you. Because you won’t look sloppy at all and will flaunt your shape while showing off that skirt you are wearing underneath as well.

To give you’re lose tee this look, gather the not so wanted portion of the tee to one end to create a tail. Tie that tail, and voila you are done. It was as simple as that.

Cuff  Your Jeans

Cuffing your jeans can give them an old pair of jeans, an instant new look. They look stylish, too, of course. What’s better than straight jeans? Cuffed jeans. I am not saying that wearing the favorite jeans as is means you are doing something wrong. But why wait when you can give this piece of clothing an easy upgrade. If you cuff your jeans, it will just provide a fresh look to the jeans you have worn a gazillion times. Also, you get to show off your footwear a bit more in this way. Just saying.

However, the trick is to know the right style of cuffing according to your pant style. If you are to wear skinny jeans, a small cuff will do. However, if you are sporting boyfriend jeans look, then you’d slightly roll them than the cuff.

Cinch Your Shapeless Dress

Nothing looks as bad as a box-like dress that hides all your curves and edges (no, this was not inspired by John Legend’s song). Anyway, if you own any box-shaped dresses, then you can easily style them yourself. Just cinch your dress. This implies that you need to knot your clothing in the middle and gather the extra cloth to tie a know from it. This will transform the ‘out-of-your-mom’s-closet’ dress into a more figure-flattering one.

It is not hard to cinch your dress. Just follow these steps:

       Turn your clothing inside out

       Gather a 2-3inch section in the middle

       Twist the first layer

       Tie that layer into a knot

       Twist your dress right side out

And you are good to go.

Add a Scarf

A scarf can help you update a basic look. There are many ways to rock that scarf look. You do not necessarily have to tie it around your neck. No doubt, a scarf tied around the neck looks classy, but you can consider trying it on your head. If that does not work then, you can accessorize your bag by tying the scarf around it.

If you think these fashion tips are not enough for you, you can always surf the Internet. For me, my Spectrum packages helped a lot to polish my styling game. TV channels like Fashion Central were on my usual weekend watch list! You, too, can make use of all the fashion magazines, online sites, and blogs, etc. to stay on top of the season trends!

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