Things You Need to Know Before Travelling to Nepal

by jacqueline romero

Ever heard a word that has this rejuvenating effect in its pronunciation? Well, it’s “traveling,” which has this power of exciting the pulses even when only people think about it. I’m sure none of you have ever caught into anxiety while thinking about traveling.

But, there is one thing associated with traveling, which can inevitably turn your excitement into anxiety, and you might get hit with questions like- what if? How will things go to work? In case if it doesn’t?

Let us help in solving this mystery. This is specifically for the ones who are planning to travel to Nepal, or in case even if some of you are not expecting, giving a read to this blog can surely change your mind.

Many of you might not know that Nepal is day by day, becoming a tourist destination, and travelers all across the world are marking their presence in this fascinating country. A country- covered with the marvels of nature and has a highly warm culture. Along with its beauty in life, the charming country is recognized as the perfect place to refresh the adventurous memories. The entire world knows that the country is rich in both; adventurous and scenic spots.

Before you all head towards this appealing place, here are some things share by an affordable essay writer; you all need to take into consideration to save yourself being trapped by anxiety and to be a little vigilant.

Unique cultural identity

This is the first and foremost thing to know. Many people confuse in between the culture of Nepal and India. No! It’s far different from what you think. Nepalis may appear as similar as Indians do, but do not be too quick to judge, their culture is very different and is considered as unique in its way.

The culture of Nepal is warm, welcoming, and is known for its exclusive rituals and practices. Nepalis greet their guests with all love and gratitude. So, you are not going to feel isolated in Nepal.

Carry cash and avoid cards

Even though Nepal is a perfect place for the ones, who desire to connect their souls with nature and want to rejuvenate their connection with the wonders of nature and its beauty. But, in your entire excitement do not for forgot that it’s an under-developed country and it rarely has huge modern facilities.

Take this good advice and avoid carrying cards in Nepal, as it is utterly useless in that specific place. Carry cash and save yourself from any kind of uncertain situation.

Say a big No for Kathmandu

Where Nepal is known for its scenic places, it is famous for its adventurous destinations too. There are plenty of places in Nepal where one can perform its adventurous stunts. Similarly, a city Kathmandu is also prominent for its attractive, adventurous tourist’s spots and fascination.

Kathmandu indeed is full of scenery and is developed on unique ancient architecture, but unfortunately, the village lacks proper infrastructure, and the excessive approach of tourists makes it more crowded. You will find its roads polluted, crowded, and chaotic, which can turn your joyful moments into stress.

Avoid impulsive purchasing

Nepalis very well know how to earn from tourists; do not let their tricks trap you! Although some traditional accessories might attract you, showing an impulsive behavior in Nepal is almost like a stupidity which one should avoid.

Make sure you have excellent negotiating skills and try to exploit these skills as much as possible in Nepal. Just do not fall for the offered prices immediately, take it as more like a warning than just the advice.

Give a shot to Momos!

You all would be wondering what this Momos thing on earth is? Oh, it’s the specialty of Nepal. Just like each country has some of its unique cuisines, Nepal is famous for its Momos. Even there is a famous saying that the visit to Nepal is incomplete without Momos!

Momos are the little dumplings in round shape and are filled with delicious sauces, meat, veggies, and cheese. Just imagine how mouthwatering it would be in taste.

Tips are not a mandatory action

This is the most valuable tip; get it print in your mind! Though suggestions are considered some fine-dine ethics, as we all know, each culture has its traditions. In Nepal, the restaurants itself charge their service fee, which approximately gets been accused by adding 10% in your bill. So, do not be efficient to pay extra. Just pay your bill and feel free to leave your table without performing those fine-dine ethics.

Avoid drinking tap water

There are mainly two perspectives behind this life-saving advice; your immune system cannot gradually adopt the change, and the tap water could create a mess for you. Tap water in Nepal is usually not suitable to drink, especially for tourists.

It is advised to purchase water bottles from nearby shops and always keep them with you on your entire journey. Do not ever mistake, I repeat! Never try this dangerous stunt; it can cause you severe stomach disease.

Be ready to witness blackout surprises

Nepal still is facing electricity breakdown issues, and blackouts are the usual thing in Nepal. You might lay on your bed to get into your comfort zone, and all you get is the blackout. It’s ok! Do not panic, and always keep a torch around yourself to avoid any kind of fuss at the moment.

Among all of the pre-tips; the advice of must-visit Nepal and experience its adventurous places, lies on top of the list! Nepal witnesses almost thousands of visitors throughout the year, and everyone just loves the fact that where each corner of the world is digitalized and fictional, at least there are still some places left where you can enjoy the real and natural charm of nature. So, do not miss this golden opportunity of natural-rejuvenating-therapy.

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