What the signals that you need to look out for when you’re looking through the 500 master nodes out there?


Important factors of Masternodes: 

  • 24-hour volume
  • Market cap
  • Block Time
  • Block Rewards
  • ROI


Let’s dive into the top 11 masternode overviews of their market cap, their volumes, as well as the number of master nodes and their coin prices. We’re going to dive into the master node by


1) Market cap

2) 24-hour volume

3) Price (USD), according to Bitcoin.


Top 11 MASTERNODES Coin in 2019

§ Dash (DASH) master node

First of all, we have a DASH master node that has $8, 35,123,226 market cap, and the 24-hour volume, which is an essential factor. $2,630,040 that’s about a Bitcoin in a perfect corner for twenty-four-hour amount based on that market cap for $92 in USD.


§ Zcoin (XZC) master node

XZC master node has a $47,262,717 market cap and a 24-hour volume of about $2,186,300 with a price of about $5.50 per coin.


§ Energi (NRG) master node

NRG master node is a $26,490,363 market cap with a 24-hour volume of $36,607. An average price of $1.97 per coin.


§ Vitae coin (VITAE) master node

We have a VITAE coin with a $124,514,054 market cap with a 24-hour volume of $6,087 and about $1.8 per coin.


§ Stream it (STREAM) master node

We have a STREAM, and they have a market cap of $17,538,964. Also, a 24-hour trading volume of $338,102. So, you can see that the individual price is also $1.81. 


These are the most updated data on mnroi.info, which is different than masternodes.online. They are in the process of updating that listing. So I want to show you the most up-to-date listing here on mnroi.info


§ Soverain (SOVE) master node

SOVE master node with $1,094,703 market cap and about at $311,731 a 24-hour volume, and it looks like a $1.70 for an average per calling value.


§ BlocknetDX (BLOCK) master node

BLOCK master node with a $6,050,440 market cap and a 24-hour trading volume of $5,400. Also, price around $0.95.


§ Polis (POLIS) master node

POLIS master node has a market cap of $5,205,836 and a $12,574 trading volume of 24-hour with a price of about sixty-eight cents per coin.


§ SafeInsure (SINS) masternode

SINS masternode, and they have a market cap of $1,199,515, and 24-hour trading volume is $358,914, and the individual price is thirty-three cents per coin.


§ Clear (CLR) masternode

CLR masternode with $316,510 market cap and about $24,649 a 24-hour volume and twenty-nine cents average price per coin.


§ Bitcoin Green (BITG) masternode

We have BITG masternode that has market cap is $2,739,554, and $49,277 trading volume of 24-hour with a price is about to twenty-six cents. Also, a 730% annual return of investment as well. 


When you’re going through mnroi.info, you can click add to the watch list and when you have a list of your favorites here. The key components that go into choosing, which masternode to go with and I think that this is an essential thing for you to get used to it’s necessary to develop your research pattern and your diligence because you need to identify which ones have an active community, which ones have the 24-hour volume to give you liquidity if you need to cash out for Bitcoin. You can potentially hold on to those coins over a long period.

Disclaimer: Do not take this as financial advice into all of the masternodes suggested in these articles. Ask your expert reviews and suggestion before you buy.

Mnroi Info

MNROI is advanced Masternode monitoring system which helps masternode holders to know their masternode coin status at anytime. Every coin listed on MNROI.info has its own information page with all information in details. Users can check price in exchanges where that coin is listed. User will get updated coin details any time. Also User can create his portfolio of investment. Using Portfolio he can easily calculate his profit/loss in anytime. Also User can add his Masternode for monitoring. So When masternode will down system will automatic send notification to user about his MN status. Multiple Languages and Currency is available in website. User can easily change it as per his convenient use. MNROI Team implementing new features day by day. We are also listening from our users for make platform more better. We are trying to create better Masternode Coin Community with bright Future.

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