Top Android Apps to Make Your Life Better

by Shifa Aman

If you love Android phones, you’ll need to download some essential apps to watch movies, sync your files, track your sleeping patterns, and more. While everyone has different priorities, unfortunately, many people don’t make the best use of these apps and consider installing it a time waste. Don’t do that! If you’re an Android user, Google Play Store has many useful apps to offer. Whether you want to automate your home, transfer data, take notes, track your workouts, or make mobile payments, Samsung and other phone brand developers have covered all your everyday needs. Luckily the following apps are beneficial.

The picks you need

1.     Dropbox

Dropbox offers cloud storage, personal cloud, file synchronization, and client software, and so far remains the best app for syncing files to and from using portable devices. You can use Dropbox to safely back up your photos and videos automatically to the cloud. Moreover, the app will help you taking notes that sync back to the laptop and keeping that big bund of PDF files with you.


The app works across the web, iOS, Windows, macOS, and of course, Android. With Dropbox, you will always have access to your essential files.


2.     True caller

This app identifies unknown numbers and callers and those known as spam. Whenever we receive a message or call from an unknown number, and if the company has that number information, it will display that on an incoming call. All caller ID apps access your contacts, to identify numbers. When your phone rings, the app shows the caller’s name if they are in-app records.


 Of course, truecaller has a privacy trade-off and cannot identify every number. But so far, it has become the need for every android user to help them determine if a number has previously been reported spam or not. Moreover, all spam calls are highlighted in red, along with the number of people who have reported them. Isn’t it easy to avoid those banks or insurance cold calls?


3. Google Assistant-Add convenience to your life.

Google Assistant, developed by Google, is artificial intelligence (AI)- which is powered by a virtual assistant, available 24/7 on our mobile and smart home devices. No doubt, AI assistants have made our lives easier. Siri has been a favorite AI for Apple, Cortana for Windows, and Android has Google Assistant. Unlike the company’s previous Google Now (AI), the Google Assistant is more powerful and can smartly engage in two-way conversations.

Moreover, it can interact with other apps installed on your mobile device and adds a level of heightened intelligence. It can even help you find pictures on your mobile by using an image recognition feature that works through commands like “Show photos of my cat.” To use Google Assistant, make sure your phone Google Play Services software is updated.

4.     Snapseed

There are many photo-editing application apps for android users, but Snapseed is love. Nik Software Development Company first introduced this app, and now it is owned by Google. It works best for iOS and Android phones, enables users to enhance their beautiful photos and apply digital filters. It gives access to every image-tweaking tool, helping you to adjust colors to removing objects.


Despite the wealth of Snapseed features, its tools are easy to use. Amazing? Once done with editing, you can easily export and share the results. Like many great apps, it’s free.

 5. Samsung Health—Monitor your Health and Fitness

Do you live a healthy lifestyle? If yes, then the Samsung Health app is best for you. It helps to measure your heart rate, running, track cycling, and water intake that you most of the time, you don’t take care of.  By using a built-in sensor, you can link your Galaxy watch, glucose monitors, bike speed sensor, blood pressure monitors with Samsung Health app, S Health previously. The best thing about this application is, it can easily integrate with other health apps.

5.     Lockit-Protect your privacy

Lockit is an app locker loved by all Samsung users. You can lock your Samsung phone settings and essential apps simultaneously. You can also go to the phone gallery to hide all your private photos and videos. Furthermore, if you like to protect everything in the Gallery, simply lock the Gallery app.

Final thoughts

Without installing useful apps, your smartphone is of no use. Therefore, to make the liable use of your Android phones, it is essential to install the apps as mentioned above from the day you get your new phone in hand. Check the latest Samsung galaxy a30s price in Pakistan that runs the Android v9.0 (Pie) operating system with exciting new features and useful applications.




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