Mobile App Development Trends that are Effecting the Industry Impeccable

by Eliza Martin

Most certainly, mobile apps have been the key peek of innovation for quite some years now. With the continuous excelling market and modern technologies being introduced each time, it is tough to keep track of the competitive and relevant new adaption. This article, in particular, is composed to present a few of the prime app development trends that have or will be evading the markets shortly. These trends will surely capitalize on the latest innovations. 


If you are an enthusiastic person, who is in search of an engaging mobile experience, that’s when you will consider apps that will come to your best assistance to provide you with unique user experience. App development companies that can create an app like YouTube, which are entertainment apps and even social media apps or health apps, are seen to widely penetrate the mobile app industry. As a prof, you’ll find almost every device having access to these apps that are used with this preference and popularity. 


1.      Augmented Reality (AR):


The year 2017 was earmarked by both the platforms that are Google and Apple for embracing the development and accessibility of AR (Augmentative Reality). As Apple went on to launch the ARKit, and Google presented its ARCore into the market. The audience was introduced with two defining platforms for the development of augmented reality apps that were adaptable to mobile devices. The marketers were provided with an introduction that will provide a compelling user experience that most certainly soon will be seeing a lot more from the creative AR apps. Though an important aspect is to carefully consider the marketing strategy of the app so that it can attract the correct audience.  


2.      Lazy Loading and AMP:


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a development that is winged under Google and is further also in association with Twitter. When adopting AMP, a mobile version of a web page is developed that is relatively much responsive and even faster. Even though as an alternative, the webpage is also displayed simultaneously/ alone side while it is getting loaded instead of having the user wait till the entire page to load first- this is termed as Lazy Loading. Both the techniques are implemented to pace up the performance of the mobile apps while the content is syndicated through the web.  


3.      Internet of Things (IoT):


IoT provides the opportunity to make the best use of sensor technologies even in non-IT devices to enable remote control, monitoring, and automation. With the uprise of IoT apps in the present time, it has a result that developers are better opting for it most as the features added to the added are indeed noticeable, especially when it comes to remote devices. A wide range of IoT devices already heavily rely on mobile devices to syndicate data, specifically when it comes to consumer IoT. With the flow of the overall use of IoT, there would be more mobile apps that will help in assisting in managing the devices. 


4.      Artificial Intelligence (AI):


Artificial Intelligence has provided many various accelerating features in mobile apps. The mobile app features that are implemented via AI are engines, personalized experience, recommendation, behavior targeting, etc. other than these features. It also provides a better use and complementation of chatbots in mobile apps. Chatbots and AI-powered tools can project a human-like conversation. Whereas they are quite a few apps that have the chatbots integrated into them though certainly, they are more applications that will adopt it if they haven’t, which will act as synchronization of their app likewise experienced in the apps of Facebook Messenger Bot.     


5.      Cloud Computing:


This is a prominent era where you are experiencing the rise of mobile cloud computing. Mobile cloud computing is presenting numerous benefits that are also supported by the use of cloud computing in mobile apps as a more relaxed manner to store data and process hefty weighed tasks in mobiles. It has also come to a knowledge that at New Gen Apps, every mobile app that is recently being built was hosted by AWS. This has provided the opportunity for an increase and better presentment in reliability, security, and even speed of the mobile apps. Cloud computing featuring mobile apps also allows maximum use of storage, collection, and analysis of the user data.  


6.      Blockchain:


Satoshi invented blockchain, and by his invention, there was a whole new rise to the innovative and unique type of virtual currencies that are better known as “Cryptocurrency.” When creating this dynamic innovation, he was not known to the fact that his invention would redefine mobile payments in a whole new manner. Via this introduction, there have been premiering apps that have been created, such as Gliph, BitPay, and Fold, though there are a few other prominent payment apps introduced in the market quite recently.     




The professionals and experts are heavily engrossed in making the best use of location-based-services and geofencing. They are indulging intensely in it as they are hoping to explore every possibility that could be achieved on the largest scales attainable. Services such that will offer a higher scope to trigger specific actions via the apps that would provide ample and distinguishing features that will cater to better personalization. Even currently, brands have upgraded their apps with the functionality of location-based series, for instance, with the support of Bluetooth beacons or by tracking via the network services. Well, throughout the year of 2019 and in the upcoming year 2020, way more innovative apps leveraging these technologies are expected to be introduced. 


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