Top 15 Qualities Must Look for Before Hiring an Android App Developer

by Brij Bhushan Singh

In this era, mobile apps are ruling our lives. These apps are helping organizations to reach out to more customers easily and even the customers to avail a better connectivity with the organizers. 

In most cases, the apps have to offer various and unique features that are not available through the regular website. Like, with the app of Wikipedia you get the benefit of night mode, can set the text mode as your preferences and even the language is made way simpler through the app. Not just Wikipedia, but with all most all the applications this story goes the same.

So, when a user decides to download your app in their device, you need to ensure that they get a better experience with your app. To provide your customers with the better experience, you need to hire a developer that can create your app in a way that would user-friendly, convenient and can provide your customer all the solutions that they might have for your app.

To build your app for two of the leading platforms i.e. iOS and android can propel your business to the next level, hence providing your business with the needed push. 

While hiring a developer for your app, you need to keep a few basic but necessary points in your mind to get the best out of your app for your business. 

Here is a list of 15 questions that you might ask from your app developer before hiring them.

l   Customer Review

In case you are not going for a completely new company, try to search for a detailed review of them. There are a few apps where you can find reliable reviews for the companies. For instance, you can go for Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Google them to find reviews from both the ex-clients and employees.

These reviews will help you determine how the company works and how they handle their customers.

While searching these profiles, in case you find any profile in their client/employee list that you might know, contact them to know about the company better.

But while choosing don’t just decide based on only one or two reviews. Go for a detailed search and try to find as many reviews as possible to get a better result.

l  Past Experience

After you choose a developer, try to find the apps they have built earlier. For that, contact them and ask for a few apps that they have built earlier. Find those apps in-store, and read the review and see the ranking of those apps in the store.

If possible, try to look for the app review. It will help you to have a better insight into their work

l  Follows Agile Frameworks

Currently, among all the app development applications, the Agile Framework is a more convenient application. Here, in the Agile Framework, all the tasks are performed simultaneously at the different sections of the app. All the sections support each other which brings you the best possible result at the end.

Agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban and Lean are the best and most used applications application for software and application development projects. If a developer follows the Agile Framework then the chances of perfection and punctuality increase a lot. So, if they will use Agile to build your app, you can give a thumbs up to them

l  Details of Their Development and Technology Services

Before you choose an app developing company for your business try to know about their services both for the development and the technology that they use. Try to know if the developer uses adequate Beta testing or not. To know if they provide you with any quality assurance to back up the work that they did for you.

A reputation and reliable app developer must abide by a few steps such as Business Analysis, App Development, Quality Testing, and Successful Launch. Make sure that the company you are going to hire follows these steps as well.

l  If They Have Sufficient Knowledge about Your Sector

Before you decide on a company ask them if they have sound knowledge about your sector and target audience. Cause, without a concrete knowledge about the sector you are working in, or the customers you target they can never make a successful app for you. 

If possible, try to ask their thought on your target audience to be sure about their knowledge  

l  Transparency

Make sure that the developer you are hiring maintains the transparency with you during the project. Before hiring make sure, they keep you updated with the progression of your project.

l  MVC as Deliverable

 During the project, you might need to track the project or to know about the progression. For this, ask if the company allows MVC (Minimum Viable Product) in a short period. This will not only let you know about the progression but also, to know how they are working and if any changes will be needed.

l  If They Are Open to Client Suggestion

 Working with an Application Developer that aren’t open to the client’s suggestion will be extremely painful for you. Cause App development is a kind of project that might require so many changes from the basic prototype that you have made. If the company acts rigidly with these changes it’s a red signal for you and you might just want to back off as early as possible.

l  Front-End Coding

For a successful mobile app development, coding is the primary and most essential part that you need to keep in mind while a hiring developer.

There are two types of front-end coding that’s possible with the mobile app developing. Type one front-end development, using Java and Kotlin that is known as Native Development. Type two, that uses web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; known as Hybrid Development. While hiring a developer on a long-term basis, you must check if they have the potential to do both.

l  Approach to User Experience and Designs

While hiring a developer you must be aware if they are concerned about the user experience and the designs. Without a great design and UX, your app won’t be able to perform well in the store where millions of unique apps are already present there. So, to make your app stand out among others, your developers need to build an aesthetic app that can provide the best experience to the users.

l  About the Submission in The Store

While hiring a developer you must know if they will submit the app themselves. Cause being the developers, they likely to be more experienced with the submission process than you are. So, it’s always better if the submission is done by the developers itself. 

l  Post Launch Services

Before hiring a developer, you must be sure if they have a post-launch service included in your development package and if they are going to fix the post-launch issues or any bug that may arise later. Cause being the inexperienced one, post-launch changes can’t be made by you efficiently like a developer. So, it’s always wiser to know about this before you sign them. For a reputed and reliable app development company, post-launch services are likely to be included with the pre-launch and development services.

l  Man Power   

While hiring try to know about the company’s manpower to make sure there will be sufficient workers involved with your project at any point in time. A project like App Development requires a lot of time as well as so many changes. If the developers are lacking the needed manpower, they might not be able to meet the deadline or to attain you when required. 

l  Worker’s Skill

Before working with a company be sure if their workers are skilled enough to handle your project. It’s not about doubting them but for you to be sure about the result. Without proper skilled workers, you would never be able to get the desired result out of your project.

l  Owner of The Code

As mentioned earlier, code is a very essential part of application development. When you associate with developers, you must be sure if you will have the ownership of the code written for your application. A reliable developer must always know that any code that they write while developing your app, that belongs to you and not them. A confusion regarding code might lead to bigger trouble in the future that you must avoid.


The agency you hire for your app development must have technical expertise, good communication skill, should maintain transparency throughout the project and even after that. By asking these 15 questions to your app agency you will be able to reach closer to the vision you have for your app. 

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