Why Is Your Ac Making A Loud Noise?

by Shikha Singh

The fresh air from your air conditioner might give you relief from hot and humid weather, but loud noise from the unit is quite a different story. A loud noise might not necessarily mean that there is a problem with your air conditioning system. It is because of the regular usage or overheating of the internal functioning unit. However, if you notice any buzzing, whistling, or screeching sound, then it might be the symptom of your air conditioner struggling with the breakdown. The same condition arises for the unit running louder than usual. Common causes of an air conditioner when it is asking for being repaired:

  • Clogged filters

  • Damaged duct

  • Damage of coil

  • Electrical issue

  • Fan related (or outdoor unit) problem

Some sounds can be the clue to know that what has happened with your equipment. Reading about the common cause of such a situation might help you to know your machine. With complete information, you can understand whether you need to call your repairer or need to change the whole system.

Let’s count the following vital points showing the reason for such problems and how the noise of your conditioner can be put down:

  • Whining and whistling noise

This could be the sign of an airflow problem. Here are a few reasons that can be due to ventilation issues:

1.  Damaged Duct: With the continuous use of the machine, it is evident that the duct will get cracked or leaked. It becomes the route for the escape of air and hence produces a whistling sound.

2.  Clogged filters: Air filters function to collect dust or dirt, providing you the fresh air. When the contamination of dust particles becomes full, the airflow gets blocked and thus leads to noises. However, this can be rectified at home. You can do the cleaning of the filter under running water.

  • Shaking and rattling noise

Rattling noise arises due to loose parts. Few components subjected to the movement of the airflow like motors or ducts may get loose. There can also be some manual fault in the fitting of the parts of your air conditioner. In that case, just using a screwdriver can help to overcome this situation. However, you can also consult the professional assistance for your ac maintenance or can get AC AMC to get rid of the additional service charges.

  • Squeaking, squealing, or screeching noise

If you hear high-pitch sounds, then there might be some fault in the compressor or the fan motor. These loud noises can be the result of unlubricated bearings or damaged blower belts. Again, air conditioner maintenance comes at the top priority as the regular use, especially at one time, is the only reason behind such noises.

  • Loud buzzing noise

An electrical problem is the most probable reason behind the loud buzzing noise. A clicking sound can also be the reason for any wiring fault. In such a situation, a call to the repairer is the only solution.

  • Hissing noise

If you hear the hissing sound from your air conditioner, it can be due to refrigerant leak. In that case, your system may not give the exact cooling effect at the particular temperature in the thermostat. You can get the coils or the connected lines checked by the professionals. Neglected maintenance is the most probable reason behind the refrigerant leak. Cracks or holes in the coils carrying refrigerant causes the leakage. You can get rid of this problem by seeking for AMC for ac or else you can opt for the contract in advance like before having the deal for air conditioner. It comes with professional services within an interval of time, so you can easily avoid the last-minute rush at the time of emergency.

  • Constant running noise

Problems with ac coils can be responsible for such unusual sounds. Clogging of coil fins with dirt and grime can lead to the less efficiency of your working system. Or it may just stop running because of the constant struggle to reach the specific temperature. If not attended timely, it may lead to a breakdown. In other cases, constant running noise can be the reason of contamination in the outer unit.

  • Poor system design

Have you ever faced the issues of constant noise since you have installed your machine? It may not be fitted with noise reduction technology. In that case, the fault may cost you to change the whole system.

The preventive measure you can take to stop the unusual noise

Air conditioning noises may cost you more than just a penny with operational inefficiency. It can lead to an expensive system breakdown. In case you often face such problems with your air conditioning system, then scheduling a visit with your company’s expertise is the only way to correct this.

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