Why You’ll Love Retiring in Vancouver

by Artesian Well

When it comes time to settle into retirement, there is a lot to consider. What do you want from your days where you’ll have a lot of free time? What type of town do you want to live in, what do you envision your neighbors will be like?

If you’re considering retirement homes for sale in Vancouver, you’re looking in the right place.

While Canada, as a whole, has many perks for retirees, Vancouver is often at the top of the list when it comes to cities to retire in.

You can’t beat free healthcare.

Canada’s healthcare is decentralized, universal, and publicly funded. No matter who you are, you will be treated medically at no charge.

Vancouver has some of the best healthcare facilities, including Vancouver General Hospital and St. Pauls’ Hospital.

This is incredibly important for retirees as they age and find they may need more involved healthcare.

The natural beauty is unlike most places.

As is typical in Canada, Vancouver has some stunning natural sites.

The north shore mountains tower over the ocean, and you can also enjoy city lights and landscapes.

You can stay active outdoors.

If staying active in both mind and body is important to you in your retirement years, Vancouver is a great place to do that.

Most Vancouver residents live within a five minute walk of a park or green space.

The city focuses on keeping residents active through community engagement and spaces to meet like minded folks who are into physical activity.

You can also find a lot to do that doesn’t center around nature.

Vancouver is a multicultural city with many influences that are reflected in the arts, entertainment, and culinary scenes.

There are many museums, galleries, boutique shops, theaters, and city-wide events throughout the year.

The weather is temperate.

The winters are mild here, ensuring you won’t get a chill in your bones you can’t seem to get out that will make the winter unpleasant.

Fresh air is important to our physical and mental wellbeing, so the ability to go outside any time of year and actually enjoy it is a major plus to the area.

Getting around is easy

If you desire a city where you can get from Point A to Point B with little difficulty, Vancouver is a great city.

Translinki operates the Skytrain and Seabus, providing options for commuters. There’s a sky train that travels from downtown Vancouver to the airport in less than a half hour.

It’s affordable.

Compared to like cities the cost of living in Vancouver is not astronomical, meaning your retirement savings will go a long way.

Not only are housing prices affordable – to both rent and own – but utilities and things like groceries and gas are affordable.

The quality of life is high.

And it’s often ranked among the best in the country.

This is due to all of the above factors and the perceived happiness of the residents in the city.

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