3 New Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

by Kaustubh Patel

The only way to make your blog or website successfully is getting traffic. If you are getting massive traffic on your site, then nothing can stop you from being successful. In the online industry, success is measured through the number of visitors visiting your site. Hence, it is essential to increase website traffic on your site.

At this moment, in this article, we will share three new ways to drive traffic to your site for free.

#1. Repackage and Republished Old Content

Whenever we add new content on your website, we do share it across social media platforms. It means if we have 300 articles on our site, then we share our sites 300 times.

But, what after sharing the site for 300 times? Have you ever gone back and shared the oldest article once again.

I am sure your answer will be no. Trust, sharing old articles after altering the same is the best strategy to gain traffic for free.

In this case, you need to do is just go back and edit your old non-performing article and re-share it across the social media channels.

In simple words, share your old articles once again to gain traffic to your site.

This technique is called Repurposing Old content to drive traffic to your site. I strongly suggest keeping sharing the old articles online. No matters, whether you have already shared it once.

I have personally used this technique to grow traffic on my blog. My article on Google Adsense is ranking on the first page by sharing it once in two days. Yes, I have shared my AdSense article every second day for two months, and you will not believe the results were shocking. Today, the item is the most viewed article on my site, and it is ranking on the first page of google.

I got this result by re-editing and sharing the article again and again.

#2. Enable Push Notification

Push notification is the best way to drive traffic to your site for free. It will pop up information on your website, asking visitors to subscribe to your blog or site feed and get a notification as and when you published any new content on your site.

In simple words, it will send a notification to subscribed users whenever you add new content on your site. It is just like a reminder on your website.


#3. Collaboration

Days are gone when traditional methods are used for driving traffic to your site. Nowadays, people collaborate and drive traffic to the site.

I have seen people working together in a partnership and create successful content on their websites.

Further, this will not only increase traffic to your site but also help you in promoting and building backlinks for your new website or blog.

Over To You

The above three are the new ways to drive traffic to your site for free. Trust, if you implement these three different ways properly, then it will improve the traffic and performance of your blog or website.

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in understanding the above article. Afterward, if you think we have missed out on any essential points to discuss in this article, please let us know. You can share your message in below comment box.

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