5 factors affecting site promotion on Google

by annil chauhan

Is it challenging to promote a site on Google? In general, no, if you know some of the subtleties of promotion in this search engine. Consider the factors influencing the success of the promotion.

1) Domain Impact

It is generally accepted that high-trust sites whose domain age exceeds several years are easiest to receive. The situation looks a little different. In particular, the impact on the speed of advancement is provided by:

·         Placement of a keyword in the domain of the site (usually the subject of the resource is selected, or the name of the brand being promoted). It is also important to consider that the domains with the keyword occupying the headline in the line are most effective.

·         The length of the domain renewal/validity period. Preference is given to sites whose owners pay for long-term domains (more than a year or two)

·         Domain history (number of owners, frequency of change of owners). It is important to consider that buying a ready-made domain, you can miss its history, and it will become much more difficult to promote a site on Google.

It is worth adding that since ranking in Google is based on the assessment of specific pages (documents) to which PR is assigned, the age of the site here does not significantly affect the success of the promotion.

With the same probability, websites that are six months old and resources whose history has several years of successful existence fall into the issue.

2) Links from catalogs and satellites

Google’s ranking mechanisms are far more loyal than other search engines. In particular, thematic catalogs and satellites are quite favorably perceived as a means of link promotion. Of course, within reasonable limits and not to the detriment of the site.

3) Keywords in titles

In the course of indexing sites, search engines Google pay attention to the keywords spelled out in the page headers.

This fact should be taken into account when optimizing and working with content, using all available opportunities for promotion.

4) The authority of the links

The more authoritative sites that link to a promoted web resource, the better. This axiom is known to all.

That is why, when promoting a site on Google, you should pay attention to the quality of the generated link mass, giving preference to more trust resources instead of links from a dozen or so “so-so” sites.

5) Authoring content

Website promotion on Google involves the placement of exclusively copyrighted, unique content that meets the theme of the site.

For a successful ranking, it is also desirable to provide a sufficient volume of pages (from 100 or more).

It is undesirable to use borrowed materials, copy-paste, but the percentage of keywords per page for Google may be slightly higher – the search engine is loyal to the easy “re-optimization” of sites.

To promote a site on Google is possible only through systematic work, the gradual increase in the link mass, and the quality content of the web resource name com skype raider. But even in this case, do not wait for instant results.

Try to carefully select keywords for promotion, use low-competitive queries to get high positions in search results, increase the performance of individual pages and get the opportunity to increase the trust of your site with absolutely legal methods and with virtually no cost.

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