Must-have features to take in regard for On-demand doctors app development

by Jessica Smith

The present era is all about the internet. There was a time when we have to visit hospitals for regular checkups and even for minor medical emergencies. But today, the on-demand apps have changed the healthcare landscape. There on-demand doctor-app development is on the high rise, and software experts strivers to build agile apps best suited for doctors and patients’ requirements. There is a need for on-demand apps that are raging in the market, making on-demand doctors app development at prime positions.

The number of doctors is increasing who use on-demand apps today. Patients are also using the apps for enhanced accessibility and as a convenient means to reach doctors. The on-demand app provides 24*7 availability and medical services in just a few taps of fingers. The IT specialists continuously strive to provide the best user experience with enhanced efficiency and time-saving process.

The on-demand healthcare app has a particular set of features that are necessary here; we are mentioning some must-have elements of apps.

Doctors features:

Profile creation: With this feature, doctors can create a profile, mentioning name, qualifications, achievements, specializations, addresses, and other details. The patients see the pattern, and they can rely on the knowledge provided on it.

Appointment and meeting schedules: The app shows the bookings and appointments with the patients in the next time. This feature enables doctors to keep records of the assignments and projects their time for interviews efficiently.

Cancellation for the appointments: This enables users to cancel any prior appointment that has been made. It allows the doctor for the cancellation meetings with patients.

Writing Online prescription: Here, patients can record information and prescribe online prescriptions; there is no need for seeing the doctor.

Video chat with patients: On-demand applications empower the team to get to inhouse solutions, other developers. The doctor can reach patients in minimum time, and it has banished the need for personal appointments with the patients. With online consultation, the doctors can advise for further treatments and diagnosis.

Patients features:

Sign in /up: The first step is to sign in the app. You are already a member. Sign the account to create a profile. If the participant is already a member, he will sign in. If he is new to the app, he needs to sign up mentioning email or number whatever the details are being asked.

Create a profile: The first thing patients need to do is to create a profile. The profile of the various patient details, such as names, addresses, age, vitals, medical conditions, symptoms, and other elements.

Locate the doctors: The feature enables doctors to find the doctor as per his preference. The patients use the app to find the doctors based on the socialization, locations, experience, and other factors like this.

Book an appointment: Once the patients are confirmed, and, select doctors, an appointment with the doctors can be easily scheduled with on-demand applications. The patient will get time and date as prescribed by the doctor.

Online medical reports: The enable them to provide the online patient reports online. The patients can share these reports with doctors, followed by the best-suited treatments. There is no need to visit hospitals for the sole purpose of collecting medical reports. 

Tracking of the location of doctor: One of the best features of on-demand apps is that it shows all the available doctors nearby to the patients. The tracker given in the app notifies the patients about the doctor’s location.

E-billing: The on-demand app facilitates the patients to make online payments through payment gateways present in the apps. It can be done using debit or credit cards. There is no need to rush hospitals to pay bills.

In-app chatting: The contains features to let the patients communicate with the doctors in case of any ambiguity or regarding consultation for diets, medication, and other health information.

Video calling with doctor: In the minor health situations, such as flu, cold, cough and, so on, it is not necessary to pay visits to hospitals. The patient can consult a doctor with online video calls and get a prescription. Video chat with a doctor is an effective and time-saving way that also reduces cost.

Provide ratings and review: In an app, people mostly rely on the ratings and reviews provided for the doctors. This feedback can assure the practices and services of doctors, and assists in booking for consultation and, also report for any bad experiences.

Administrative features: 

Treatment history: The app keeps records of all the previous appointments, chats, medical prescriptions, and all the transactions in the application. The users have all the time access to the information.

Reports: The users are also facilitated with the database of all the reports. The apps record all the health records and reports with the patient and can be shared with doctors.

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