Are you prepared for the Technology Revolution Created by Artificial Intelligence?

by lilly Amber

Are we prepared for the future? This question is asked by many scientist, journalist, news anchors and ordinary people. In 2019, is this question applicable to even talk about it? When we already have self-driven cars that we always imaged or children draw pictures of cars and the wings hanging side by side that help them fly without relying on people.

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 TOC \o “1-3” \h \z \u We need to understand AI to fill the gap.
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Preparation for future ahead of us.
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Is AI advent threatening our future?.
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Accommodate AI into your work place.
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Hiring AI and staying up to date.
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Do not underestimate human power.
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A well prepared future.
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 What do you think are we really prepared for all the changes happening not only in our homes but in our lifestyle, working environment and economic state? It might turn around for your own better if in future you search for Essay help in UK and the AI software will do that within a second or minute that will excellent choice.  We know all the facts and figures circulating around AI development process.

Some facts about AI highlighted in 2019:

·         AI can increase business productivity by 40%

·         Almost 77% of the devices we are engaged to be AI featured.

·         AI entrepreneurs has grown up to 14 times over the last two decays

·         In 2020, robots will mimic complex human behaviours such as flirting and cracking jokes.

We need to understand AI to fill the gap

Like said above everyone’s knows AI advantages and how effective it can be to the world. However, it has been seen most of the businesses are confused in why exactly has to be AI and machine learning in their business activities.

Organisations do acknowledge the fact that how important it is almost 18% of them could not justify themselves as AI technology-oriented.

It has been found that the leaders and goal initiators could not demonstrate the AI success or not able to communicate with them the benefits that might help them out too.

The training programs or communicating them the changes in the world is not enough organisations need investments to streamline the product flow smoothly. Cost-cutting techniques should drive the employees slowly witnessing money-saving, better decisions making, detecting waste and fraud.

Preparation for future ahead of us

If you want to add AI into your companies then the first thing is the AI operators or developers who are aware of working on it. The organisation needs to heavily invest in big projects to deliver infrastructure to process AI technology.

These projects are said to be dreadful fight against money and time. As companies cannot hire 100 data mining operator, you cannot organise infrastructure to support AI technology.

 This can be done through service AI apps that do your project behalf of your organisation. This will not only save time but also money such as IBM, Amazon and Google.

 Is AI advent threatening our future?

Well, whether the AI technology is invading the future of humans or not they are slowly and gradually shifting our jobs and making us unemployed for sure.

We already heard a lot of news and journals is not getting a hold of such juicy talk about humans being controlled by AI or does this news have such specific reality. God knows.

However, there is someone’s job being kicked out by AI for sure. Content writers! Google has shown tremendous achievement not only in updating there google bots and algorithm every now and then.

Google has experimented a new technology advancement AI content creator, which is the first one to create content from AI. The AI basically has collected all the information related to earthquake predicted in japan and generate an authentic content within a minute.

 By advancement, it isn’t good news for human content creators as if you are a part of such job kindly leave the place empty for AI to get over it. Due to the fact that in the near future human content creators will be done by smart AI software.

Accommodate AI into your workplace

It does not mean to hear you or offence you. Being side by side with AI and human abilities might result you something better.

More importantly, it will eliminate a lot of your repeated task and make you free from pending work to help you automate most of them easily.

Try to be feasible and adaptable to the digital environment taking place closer and closer. If you want to generate employment in the market then make use of AI to interview candidates.

 If you want to buy dissertation from someone AI will detect sites that has the highest weight age for students.

Be the first business to stand out from other competitors and hire AI for data management and processing heavy amount of information. This is the only way to make the working environment adjustable from digital culture and make it immune to AI technology.

Hiring AI and staying up to date

Technology is the name of transformation so, each day, each night you will find something new and advance. If are being prepared to adopt AI then try to stay updated always. Be awake to diversity and help to grow your business gradually and steadily.

Do not underestimate human power

Even though you are prepared to accept all those changes happening in your environment it does not mean you will leave behind the inventors.

Yes! Those humans who are the initiator of such a development program. Businesses need to different elements or task that is done by AI and human being.

They do not need to implement AI technology in every business platforms such a critical thinking, empathy, customer satisfaction and creativity.

This does not mean AI cannot perform such task, well it meant to divide those analytical task to the repetitive and boring ones.

A well-prepared future

Whether you want to add an AI chatbox to have a good chit chat to your customers or hiring an AI assistant to manage most of your work easily.

AI revolution is a reality, you cannot move back from it now! It’s too late.  Make sure to accept the bitter truth about AI and get it easy with an open heart.

It is said AI is the treat to a human race but that is not true those inventors of such technology are humans. They need to stop being aggressive and furious to create a system that is backed by robotics.

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