What are Die Cut Stickers and Kiss Cut Stickers

by artesian well

Have you been looking into ordering custom stickers for your business? You might have noticed that there are a lot of different options of stickers and printing options. There are two ways stickers are cut, die-cut and kiss-cut stickers. These two options don’t change the appearance of your sticker but do change the aesthetic of your sticker before you use the sticker. Choosing the right sticker for your business is important. Here are some things to consider when choosing between die-cut and kiss-cut stickers.

What Makes a Sticker Kiss-cut

Kiss-cut stickers are a more common cut that many people think of when they think of a sticker. Stamps are popularly printed in kiss-cut form. When a sticker is kiss-cut only the vinyl part of the sticker is cut and there is excess vinyl and paper liner material around the cut sticker. A benefit of this excess material is using the space for branding and any information you would like on the sticker such as a URL or slogan. You can also add QR codes to this extra space to help anyone access your website more easily. When this extra space is used effectively, it adds value both to the potential customer and to your company’s marketing efforts.

What Makes a Sticker Die-cut

When die-cut stickers are printed, the process involves cutting the vinyl and paper liner. Die-cut vinyl stickers are a very popular cut for branding purposes. You may see many companies use these stickers for marketing purposes. The paper liner is more difficult to remove than kiss-cut stickers. To solve this the paper liner is cut into two pieces so if the sticker is bent slightly then the paper comes off more easily.

Another unique aspect of die-cut stickers is their very small cut margin that surrounds your sticker design. Both kiss-cut and die-cut stickers have a ⅛ inch margin, but die-cut doesn’t have any excess material surrounding the sticker. This way your sticker has a clean finish and reduces the amount of space your sticker takes up. Any custom-shaped sticker looks unique to your brand because the shape is easily seen from up close or far away.

Which Sticker Will You Choose

In summary, there are benefits to both kiss-cut and die-cut stickers. You may want to consider what type of cut you want for your next branding campaign and if you want some space for more information or if you want a clean sticker look. Whichever type of sticker you choose, the Die Cut Stickers Team makes sure we give you great stickers designed with quality and care!

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