How To Get PR Visa Australia

by Jennifer Johansan


Australia is called “Lucky Country,” and this is the reason it always a hot spot for immigrants. Every year thousands of migrants apply for permanent residency in Australia for study, job, and with a dream to make their life better, and this country never disappoints.


Australia has various kinds of permanent visas designed in different categories to offer a permanent residency to the eligible candidate so that they can study, do the job, and make their life better. But as said, good things don’t come easy; different categories of permanent visas have their criteria which one needs to fulfill before applying for the visa.

Different Categories of Permanent Visa


If you are a skilled worker, then your path of applying for a permanent resident visa becomes easy. Australia government nowadays providing an easy permanent visa for the skilled worker under a program called SkillSelect.There are following visa available for skilled workers:-


Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186:- This visa is so-called because the process of this visa only takes place when the applicant, who is a highly-skilled worker nominated by Australian based employer. One should have at least three years of full-time work experience to apply for this visa. Employer-sponsored everything for an employee and visa holders can bring their family for study, job, etc.


Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 187:-

In this visa, the employer appoints skilled workers from overseas to fulfill those positions, which are not filled by local employees. The employer also sponsors the visa subclass 187. The only condition is that the employee needs to work with the same employer for at least two years. If not, then it will result in the cancellation of the visa.

Skilled Independent Subclass 189:-

This visa provides an opportunity for all the skilled workers who are not sponsored by family or employers. The only thing about this visa is that one can apply for this visa after the invitation only. To obtain a message, one needs first to submit the Expression of Interest(EOI). One is also eligible to include eligible family members to the same visa application.

Skilled Nominated Subclass 190:-

This is a special category visa because this visa applicant is nominated or sponsored by state or territory. One can apply for this visa after invitation only, and after visa grants person needs to stay in the chosen country for two years to become eligible for permanent residency. This visa allows applicants to remain in particular countries where there is a shortage of workers. One needs to submit Expression of Interest under SkillSelect within 60 days of invitation.

Common Eligibility Criteria:-

  • The applicant must have the required skills, as described in the Australian skill set.

  • The applicant must have at least three years of work experience in the nominated field.

  • Applicant must pass character test and shouldn’t have any past criminal record.

  • Applicants should be greater than 18 and less than 45 at the time of application.

  • The applicant must pass a Basic English assessment test to become eligible for the visa.

  • The applicant should present a health certificate before applying for a visa.

  • Applicants should score more than 60 in point test to become eligible for skill visa.


Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency Visa

Australia is a magnet country for immigrants, and there is the reason why it is called so because Australia provides so many benefits to their residents that it becomes their life’s one of the best decisions. Australia provides following benefits to their resident:-


  1. Freedom to live: After getting permanent residency person is free to live anywhere in Australia and allowed to exit or re-enter the country as many times as one wants.

  2. Life’s Quality: This is one of the things which attracts people there. People are prosperous there as compared to other nations. They enjoy employment, and the interest rate is also low and along with that person also enjoys little pollution and clean water there.

  3. Best immigration system:- As the increasing application of immigrants Australian government fixed several intake of immigrants. One needs to have excellent skills set to become eligible for the visa.

  4. Career opportunities for migrants: After one becomes a permanent resident of Australia,   opportunities for person increases, As one is free to work in any field and any city. Australia faces problems with the vacancy, which is not filled by a local employee, so it is an excellent opportunity to work in those fields and demand salary accordingly.

  5. Opportunities for Children: Migrants who gave birth to their children in Australia they get Australian citizenship from birth.


Why one need to hire a registered migration agent?


Migration is not smooth as it seems as there lots of laws and proceedings associated with movement, which cannot be handled by ordinary people. There are following things which migration person help us to do:-

  • He assists you in the application form.

  • He will help you to prepare all the documents and also provides advice related to sponsorship

  • He will help you to understand law proceeding and keep you up to date about it

So, it becomes a necessary condition to hire a migration agent Adelaide to make your application hassle-free.


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