15 Utility Gift Ideas Just Under Rs 100

by Johan Olers

1. Multi-functional Survival Pocket Card Tool Kit

Multi-functional Survival Pocket Card Tool KitThis is best utility gift as it gives a lot of functionalities in a pocket-sized card. This tool kit is used as Can Opener, Bottle opener, ruler, saw blade, screwdriver, four-position wrench, two-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, direction auxiliary indication, etc. Multi-functional Survival Pocket Card Tool Kit

2.Magic Folding Travel Flexible PVC Flower Vase

Magic Folding Travel Flexible PVC Flower Vase is another beneficial and anniversary gifts for him. This Vase comes with a thin plastic paper bag, but once we fill the water into it, it becomes a cute looking flower vase. The PVC material is used to create this type of pottery, which is environment protective and hard to broken than glass vase.

Magic Folding Travel Flexible PVC Flower VaseMagic Folding Travel Flexible PVC Flower VaseMagic Folding Travel Flexible PVC Flower Vase

This vase is a great gift idea as it can be used in homes, offices, shops, hospitals, and offices.

3.Mobile phone and charger holder

This mobile handset and charger holder supports the mobile phone and provides space for the charging cord as it gets wrapped around the back of this holder. It avoids the clutter of the cables and neatly charges the phone. Which makes a charging a convenient experience. Isn’t it a good gift?

4. Multifunctional PEN + CARD HOLDER + CALCULATOR :

This a convenient holder as it can be used to hold cards, pens, and also, there is an integrated calculator. So overall, this makes quite a utility gift.

5. Decorative paper lamp decorative lamps gift idea

These decorative paper lamps look very attractive; also, these lamps are very lightweight and foldable. These lamps come with lots of colors, shapes, and sizes. These are beneficial gifts in the festive season, birthdays, and parties.

6: Snake cube puzzle wooden toy :

This toy is a chain of 27 wooden cubelets connected with the elastic band. snake cube puzzle gift idea

Like a puzzle, we need to arrange these cubes such that there should be the same color three by three by three cubes. Great gift for kids.

7: Multi-card reader :

Nowadays almost everybody uses a lot of cards like for mobile phones, cameras, and other devices. We offer a need to connect it to a PC for data transfer. Here is a great tool available for reading lots of cards, such as SD cards, without spending a lot of money.

8: Digital LCD thermometer :

Well, who doesn’t know the thermometer, this thermometer comes with an LCD panel and also with a digital display. It is a handy tool to get an idea about the intensity of fever. You can get this thermometer under rs 100, which makes it a good gift candidate.

9: Foldable laundry bag

This is a really utility gift as this is very useful in storing the used clothes and manage the washing of clothes. As this comes with some features such as lightweight, foldable, Mesh Fabric cloth makes it simple and easy to use. This makes it an excellent gift.

10: Carabiner keychains

Carabiner keychains can be used to connect the rings, keys, hand torch, connectors. These are mostly made up of aluminum alloys, which makes them lightweight and strong. They are also rustproof and corrosion resistive. These keychains come in lots of colors. A wonderful and useful gift.

11: Solar powered dancing flower

The solar-powered dancing flower only requires solar energy to work. It silently flips flaps the leaves when sunlight is directed. This dancing flower comes with lots of attractive colors and can be kept on a car dashboard, desk, or windowsill. This really makes a great gift choice.

12:Sun protect shade for car

This sun protects shade is very useful in protecting us inside the car from the sun and glare. This also helps in reducing the car temperature. These come with foldable options and key pool rings for pulling it off. Perfect utility gift for people having a car.

13: Blind spot mirror

These mirror comes with a beveled edge and is designed to enhance the visibility of the driver reducing the blind spot while changing the lane or sharp turn. These mirrors are easily mountable on driver’s mirrors. A handy gift for car drivers.

14: Neck pillow :

This Inflatable Neck, Travel Air Pillow is handy in travel, home, or just relaxing. This can be used as a cushion or for neck and upper back support. Very useful in long travels, especially when you do not have comfortable seats.

15: Travel mug :

Travel Mug is really helpful in traveling because of two reasons one is because of the double-layered body, it helps in handling hot and cold drinks, and another reason is it has a lid with open and close functionality, which helps in drinking while we are traveling. These mugs come in a lot of colors and attractive designs.

I hope you find this list useful. Happy Gifting!

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