Exercise Tips For Strength Building

by annil chauhan

Ah, the desire to be active! The endeavor to get engaged is in-built in every human being. You will find that there’s, almost nobody who will tell you that he/ she does not want to be healthy.

And why is that? Very naturally, if one becomes a walking-talking powerhouse, he will be able to protect himself, his family and friends, pursue, by only flexing his muscles, some objectives, which may otherwise be unachievable. However, the process is very much of a grueling task.

It takes time, hard work, dedication (and utmost respect for your body), and money, in most cases. To train for strength is sometimes totally different from the journey to get a perfect, well-carved body.

While to get a well-built body, and good health, one may shy away from weights and achieve their goal only from healthy food habits and free-hand exercises, but for strength training, weights are an absolute must. So hop on board and let’s what vital exercises we can dig out to get you the strength you so desire for.

Some Basic Tips:

Go and make yourself an active member of a gym. Be regular in your exercise routine, but give your muscles enough recovery time. Also, sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day, give your body time to repair it. Our body is like any structure, say a building, human beings build.

So the essential ingredient for a secure building is the frame (e.g., metal rods, etc.). Likewise, to gift your body the strength, in question, one has first to strengthen their inner structure, aka bones.

These all will be of great help to slow down the muscle degeneration process, which usually kicks in at the age of 25, and lowering the risk of injury.

As strength training, mainly concerns lifting weights of a varied pattern, you may not know which ‘slab’ of weight is proper for your condition. So it is advisable to have a trainer by your side always, or at least when you are starting this routine.

Healthy Eating Habit:

You will be following a definite food chart (which you’ll be making for yourselves), which will have to be based on the total calories, in your diet, and include a lot of calcium too (for the bones).

Drink a lot of water. You must already know how water is a lifesaver. Water drains all the wastes in our body and keeps your body running throughout the day. Just don’t drink water right before you’re starting your exercise routine.

Our body needs fiber, its role in building a beautiful structure, and keeping our ‘system’ clean is undeniable, and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are our body’s primary source of energy.

It may not be brilliant to include a high amount of carbohydrates in our meals, but it must be present. And also, remember to slowly but gradually increase your carbohydrate intake along with the exercise routine.

It’s best if you take a milkshake (with protein and carbohydrate) before starting your exercise routine and just after its end. If possible, do take a small protein/ carbohydrate-rich, meal after the exercise routine.

Exercises Tips:

Warming Up:

Warm-up your body with a few freehand exercises and stretching exercises. They are an absolute must, as the muscles won’t ‘wake up’ if you don’t do them, also if you jump right into weights, your muscles might get a tear.

The Sequence Of Exercises:

It is better to start with compound exercises as it warms up the muscles, many at one time. Especially when you have a strength/ concentrated practice on the list, be sure to include a compound exercise just before that. Though after a while, with one routine, change the sequence. It’s interesting, and the variety will make the bodywork differently.

Perform Slowly For Better Results:

Be sure to perform the exercises at a slow pace, which maximizes its effect in both contracting and releasing the muscles. To get strong, you need to maximize the amount of weight you can lift, work with, in one set, or at one go. Make a habit of doing 2 to 3 sets of 5 to 8 repetitions. Also, bear in mind the posture of your body. If it’s not appropriate, maybe you’re lifting the wrong weight.

Gradual Increase In Pressure:

Start with lesser weights, but as you get the hang of the exercise, try raising the bar in each activity, i.e., either start increasing the number of repetitions, or you may do the same amount of repetitions but with heavier weights.

If your arms are getting wobbly /jelly-like from the pressure on them, take the lower weight or less repetition. It is of no use lifting heavy weights with wobbly arms and accidentally squashing them.

Concentrate and Compound:

Along with the concentrated exercises on some muscles, also include some compound exercises saints row 5, which will work on several tasks at the same time.

Vertical posture:

Go for exercises, or improvise the other ones, which can be performed while you’re at a standing position. This will make the body maintain its balance; as a result, it becomes an exercise by itself.


Try and improvise some exercises so that they get more exciting and can be performed anywhere anytime. Just be sure that you are not pulling the wrong strings.

Include A Cardio:

Include cardio into the routine; it will not only make the process exciting and enjoyable for you but also the outside air if you choose cardio like biking, cycling jogging, etc. is overall good for your health.


These are flexible bands, which have a definite tension in them and are widely used for strength exercises. These are also sometimes preferred more than weights.

For example, while doing squats and crunches, tie it on a secure object, and perform your exercise. The pressure of the band’s elastic will work just like any weight. Only, while training with bands, bear in your mind that you tie the group on a secure, well-floored object.

Strength training has immense importance, but also has tremendous risk, if not done under proper guidance. So don’t try lifting a luscious-looking weight just because you have a craving for it. Consult your trainer and train to get to a position where you can lift the weight.

If you have sore muscles when at first it appears, it’s healthy, just try lifting more comfortable weights to condition your muscles first then go for the biggies. If the soreness continues for a very long period, consult a doctor. Check the link.

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