What is good health?

by Deepak Kapoor

Good health revolves around the proper balance of the person’s physical, mental, and emotional situation of the body. However, the mental and emotional condition’s ups and down depending upon the life happenings, but to stay physically fit is in your own hands. 


A person can stay physical fit by living a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper eating, workouts, managing time, and avoiding unhealthy foods. Some say that positive thinking can also maintain the balance of mental and emotional health.


To stay healthy is in your hands. By adopting some of the good manners of living, you can give yourself good health. Here are some signs which will let you know that you are fit and you don’t need any doctor to make you live healthily. 


Normal Blood pressure 

The normal blood pressure is the very first sign of a healthy body. A doctor says that having a 120/80 BP rate is very good, which shows that their body is working well. However, some ups and downs in the price may occur due to several reasons like running, eating foods, workouts, etc.

Heart rate

Usually, the heart rate should beat for 60 to 100 times per minute. If it is low, then you should meet the doctors to get treatment.

Body Temperature

According to doctors, the average body temperature should be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and 37 degrees Celsius. If the temperature varies high or low form from this figure, then it is one symptom of having an ill body.

Breathing rate

Internally the respiratory rate also affects your body from being healthy. It is said that 12 to 20 breathes per minute is very sturdy. However, in a relaxing way, a person can have 12 to 25 breathes per minute, which is also standard.

Body fat

If your physique is functional and attractive and free from the extreme grease, then stay happy to know that you are living a healthy life. The fat is the leading cause of inviting many severe diseases to your body. Have a check-up from doctors to know what the ideal weight according to your height. Healthy eating and workouts can maintain your body fat.


These are some of the internal body functions of the body, but many other symptoms say about good health and can be observed very easily without any testing. Have a look:


·      The regular menstrual cycle in women is a sign of good health. It is said that 28 days cycle is te best menstruation period cycle, which shows that internally, a woman has good health.

·      The bright shiny and thick hair is also a good sign of being healthy. It is said that the lack of nutrients, stress, and depression can affect hair growth and look.

·      As like hairs, healthy nails also reflect your good health. Sometimes lack of some vitamins and nutrients can result in white or pink marks on the nails. Although if you have healthy nails but having marks on it, then it is better to consult with your doctor or take a proper diet under the dietician guide.

·      Lack of calcium can affect your teeth. If you have strong and healthy teeth, then feel free to enjoy every taste. Check this link for reference.

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·      If you take proper sleep of at least 8-10 hours in a day, then it is good that your mental health is working correctly.

·      If you are not experiencing constipation every second day, it means that you are taking a healthy diet.


If you related the above points with you and found that you have different health condition as compare to it then must find the right health expert to make your body fit. Here are some of the symptoms which, let you know that you do not have good health.


Dull skin: The internal deficiency is usually seen in the outer surface. The soft and bad skin, acne, red and black marks on the skin occurs due to lack of a healthy diet.

Lack of sleep: If you are not any type of sleeping issue daily, then you must consult with competent health experts.

Lips: A bad health sign also includes dry and crackly lips. 

Poo problem: Extreme constipation or too much loose motion also does not indicate good health.

Body temperature: The frequent fluctuation of body temperature is also a severe problem.

I am early graying: The new white hairs, pale skin, and other older becoming symptoms before age is also not a good sign of being healthy.

Body disorders: Illness and sickness are common in the body, but if it is continuing, then this is not a regular thing. If you experience the same problem occurring in the body, then you must talk to your doctor to get treatment for the challenge. Website for info.


Ways to get a healthy lifestyle for Good health


If you think that you are not surviving with a healthy lifestyle, then you must follow some of our tested guidelines. 


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·      The very first thing to do for a healthy lifestyle is to take care of your diet. Eat healthy foods that contain protein, nutrients, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Make a balance of all the cuisines under some good dietician.

·      Drink proper water and plenty of other liquid beverages like homemade juice and other healthy homemade mix-ups.

·      Stop skipping meals daily. 

·      Add fruits and green leafy vegetable salad to your meal.  


·      Maintain a healthy weight by doing proper workouts and exercises. The extra body fat and weight increase the risk of having many diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart problems.

·      Quit bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.

·      Make your time, and love yourself to reduce stress and make healthy mental condition.






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