Best Online Slot Themes For Women

by artesianwell

If you still think that slot gambling is a mainly male dominated hobby, then think again. Recent research from the gambling commission has illustrated how slots have managed to change the face of gambling by having a much broader appeal than other gambling games. In fact, 39% of slots players are female and this number is increasing steadily. The appeal of the actual slot games themselves is just a small part of the puzzle as to why slots are so popular with females. The other reasons can be linked to the accessibility of these games at SlotsBaby. The fact that slots are available 24/7 from the comfort of your own home is another part of the reason why women have taken to them in such a big way. They can be played anonymously and on the go on smart phones too and convenience seems to be the key here. It also helps that you no longer need to attend the unwelcoming environments of high street bookmakers to gamble. All this has helped attract women to the gambling world.

The Introduction Of Digital Slots

In the mid 1990s slots went digital thanks to advancements in technology. This boosted their popularity but female players did not take to these games straight away. This is because the more traditional female pursuit of Bingo also hit the internet at the same time. At first, female gamblers flocked to bingo sites. However, as slots advanced and became more extravagant, so the female exodus from bingo to slots got underway.

Slots For Females

With such a large number of slots players being female, it is wise of slot game developers to aim some slots directly at a female audience. Whilst only a small amount of slots are targeted at males or females, some slots and in particular their themes, do appeal more to one gender over another. Slots that feature sexy women as the primary character like the explorer in Golden Ark tend to be aimed at men. However, there are slots and even casinos out there that are tailored more to the fairer sex.

Slots borrow from popular culture such as TV and movies and if the source from which the game is based on caters more to one sex than another, then it is nailed on that the slot will be the same. A prime example of this is the Magic Mike movies that are about male strippers. These movies have been a big hit with a female audience and unsurprisingly so has the slot game Magic Mike XXL.

Slots and Bingo Mixed

The appeal of Slingo, a bingo slot hybrid, to a female audience, is unsurprising. It links bingo and slots together. Slingo utilizers aspects of 75-ball bingo but the twist is that it contains a slot element. The gameplay is similar to bingo and it uses a 5 x 5 number grid. With this game players can enjoy bingo and slots together at the same time and this is why it has proved such a winner with female punters.

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