3 Emoji Keyboard Apps That You Can Use On Your Phone In 2020

by artesianwell

Texting or chatting has been more fun with the use of emojis. Using emojis on your conversations can make your emotions more intimate and exciting. You can express your passion and love for someone with the simple use of the heart eyes emoji. There are so many more emojis that you can use to express emotion.

The use of emojis can add an intimate touch to texts and chats. Almost every single phone, no matter what the platform is, use emojis. I believe that emojis have been the staple in terms of modern-day communication. It all comes down to understanding the other end of the conversation and adding a bit of fun with emojis.

Emojis have been around in the social scene for quite some time now and evolved from the simple smileys from the past. Put some flavor into your conversations with the use of emojis. You can be confident that the other end would know whatever emotion you are feeling with emojis. Here are some emoji apps that you can use for your Android or iPhone.

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If you are looking for a keyboard emoji app that functions as a dictionary of the popular emojis, then use KeyMoji. Anyone that uses KeyMoji can get a lot of fantastic emojis that come from a lot of sources. This app also gets tons of updates in real-time. You will not have to stress about not getting the latest emojis with Keymoji.

You also do not have to worry if it is your first time using emoji. After all, Keymoji is the perfect emoji app for the emoji newbies. Keymoji teaches any user the meaning of every emoji that is available. This emoji app uses phrases to describe the emoji that you are eyeing.

With this dynamic, you will no longer have to worry about sending the wrong emojis. You can rest assure that you are using the correct emojis while you talk to your special someone, friends, or loved ones. Make sure that they know what the emoji means, and you are good to go with Keymoji.


BitMoji is one of the favorites emoji apps in terms of communicating through our phones. One fantastic feature of BitMoji is that it lets its users create their very own emoji character. Bitmoji is compatible with a lot of popular apps. You can find that BitMoji works perfectly with your favorite social media apps.

If you are looking for an emoji keyboard app that has tons of bonus features, then BitMoji is perfect for you. BitMoji has tons of stickers that you can use in your next conversation. Make sure that your following texts and chats are as fun and exciting with the use of emojis and stickers!

You can have a fun and exciting exchange with emojis and stickers. It may also feel like you no longer need a bunch of words and texts to express your emotions with the use of BitMoji!


SwiftKey is a dedicated emoji app for emojis alone. This emoji app comes with a lot of emojis that you can use in your conversations. SwiftKey is available on both iPhone and Android platforms so that everyone can enjoy this emoji app. Expressing your emotions on text or chat through emojis has never been easy with the use of SwiftKey!

SwiftKey is easily one of the best emoji apps available. This emoji app has tons of unique features such as suggestions, flow-typing, and a user-generated dictionary. Combine all of these features with tons of your favorite emojis, and you get a fantastic all-around emoji app.

SwiftKey is perfect for those users that text a lot. This emoji app can easily suggest emojis for a particular situation. You can quickly get the heart eyes emoji when you type in “I love you.” It also looks suitable for the ones who invite friends to have a drink, as it suggests the beer emoji for your Friday night drinking.


Emojis are a way of expressing your emotions. These emojis can also be a great way to promote a friendly vibe in a conversation. You can use your favorite emojis on these emoji apps on your next conversation. These emoji apps can make your texting, chatting, and social life more fun and colorful with the different emojis that they bring to the table!

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