TheOneSpy – Monitor Your Teens Instant Messengers on Their Mobile Device

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Mobile devices and kids are just a perfect combination for a scary match. As children are taking advantage of the expanding innovations in technology, the old schooling text messages are wiped out by the instant social messaging apps. When your teen is just about to get a new tablet of her own or a new smartphone, you need to monitor and limit her use to a variety of software or apps that are free or paid. Allowing your teen to use privacy is good, but you need to worry about the time she spends and also the popping up of the notifications. You do need to educate your kids about the safety clauses of social media and monitor their online activity.

Many of the amazing solutions are available and TheOneSpy android mobile spy application is the best to monitor the applications installed on your teen’s new gadget.

How does the One Spy monitoring works

The ultimate spy application that is providing many amazing features – one can just imagine – TheOneSpy – best for monitoring your teen smartphone.

This application is widely used by parents to keep an eye and protect their kids from the negative and bad company by keeping an eye on their movements online and also to know about their whereabouts – the best possible manner.

The application usage is very simple – install and set the target device to monitor from any online device using the One Spy specially designed portal. The customer only needs to register the product and make sure to activate the compatibility with the application requirements.

Many of the kids are just addicted to social media instant messaging applications like Tinder, Snapchat, WhatsApp and many others. These powerful applications are gaining too much popularity due to their technological features and also their free usage.

Get One Spy to Monitor your Teen Instant Messengers

Real-time monitoring – the biggest feature of One Spy which provides you all the details of the incoming and outgoing messages and also a complete chat history.

Let’s check as to how the One Spy apps help you to monitor the teens’ smartphone:


The One Spy variant feature provides you unlimited features like video sharing, photo, char, and location. The applications are loaded with features that are unlocked using packages like Lite, X-Lite and premier which are providing you many salient features like tracking and monitoring the voice-related activities on the target device.


Facebook messenger is one of the most popular chat zones and many of the young generations are using it without the fear of being monitored. The One Spy surveillance allows you to spy on all the Facebook activities including chat.


Viber is the most advanced IM application and many of the young generations are often sending their messages and photos to their unknown friends which is un-save and their parents think it might be dangerous for their security. However, through One Spy, parents can easily view their gallery and access their chat history to monitor their activity.


This multimedia application allows the user to chat, text and voice chat without the fear of being online as they can share their story offline also. Many of the parents have already restricted their kids from the use of SnapChat. The young generations seem to be very technical and use their favorite messaging services using some unlocking tactics. One Spy is the only monitoring service that can enable a special feature to get a screenshot of the target device when any activity is recorded using the SnapChat. This way, parents can monitor the online activity of their kids and also protect them.

Google Hangouts

After the success of WhatsApp messaging, Google Hangouts seems to be leading the group through which the users can easily chat and share through conversations. Recently, One Spy updated its internal software and now Google Hangout can also be monitored on the target device and you can instantly receive the daily log on your control panel.


Instant messaging is a good service but social networking can promote cyberbullying and also these types of app are promoting inappropriate content which needs monitoring. Many of the services like TheOneSpy cell phone spy app are very helpful for parents to keep an eye on the online activities of their child.

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