Accessory Palette and Style Trends For 2020

by artesianwell

2020 is a year of accumulated fashion trends. With the previous decade’s collection of ideas, it gave the present year a crazy take for styles. Vintage, bohemian, minimalist, and many more came along with the influence. This made people flexible and confident in trying with these various options.

Apart from clothing being the main element of fashion, accessories also play a big part in it. Without accessories like shoes, bags, and hats, fashion cannot be expressive. It may be possible not to identify a style, although it might come out authentic. Self-expression may come before trends, but accessories bring out the best of both.

So, what are these accessory trends that you need to go for this year? Let’s find out.

1. The Old Contemporary

One of the best trends that are in today is vintage. Everyone loves the classics, and it has been a part of everyone’s wardrobe. Vintage, just like any decade trends, had various styles throughout the years. But what is striking about this trend is how compact the pieces look. It’s as if everything that we love about vintage happened in one year.

Vintage accessories, but had a different approach. Old silhouettes had met with modernity, making the pieces reminiscent, yet still refreshing. One example is the s5000 from the Oceanus Casio collection. You will notice the best resemblance of a vintage dial on its face. But, the brand inherited its sophisticated design, which includes a premium luxury strap.

2. The Modern Emo

This post-punk trend has become famous for many celebrities and music icons. Aside from it’s easy to pull off, the accessories are also easy to find. Silver-studded shoes and even Louis Vuitton lock chains became a part of this style. These pieces are mostly paired with an all-black ensemble.

This style has also become a streetwear default. Skateboarders chain their wallets to their buckle holders. Others embezzle their hands with rings and bangles, with only one ear pierced with an earring. The get-up may sound rebellious, but it has become a unique style of culture for many.

3. Neons

Bright colors are everything. This allows your style to be noticed upfront, an advantage when expressing yourself. Neon comes with different pieces, with a purpose to complement the dark bits in your outfit. Neon gives your colors an extra emphasis.

Oversized earrings, stilettos, and even hats can be neon. But as flashy as it can get, you can always tone down with these pieces. Throw in a light neutral color to decrease the pop of neon, and you are good to go.

4. Cordura-made Materials

Nylon is getting all the attention this year, and almost any accessory can be its friend. Its durability and adaptability made the material reliable to many brands. It also deteriorates after a long time, creating a part of your wardrobe versatile for a long time.

Brands like Carhartt, Supreme, and Vans give out the best Cordura pieces. They promote outdoor activities, a reason for collaborating with this reputable material. And as streetwear influences, you can buy almost anything Cordura from them. They sell bags, shoes, belts, and caps made of it. So put out a camp, climb a mountain, and run hills – this material is your best bet.

5. Pastel

If you are not into solid and bright colors, you can always go for pastels. This palette has a lighter and more faded feel compared to other colors. May it be formal or casual, these are perfect for any style code you wish.

Pastel accessories made into bangles, bags, and sneakers tone down the color of human skin. It serves as a soft touch to your whole outfit, making you feel light and relaxed. One advantage of this palette is that it can be found in fast fashion merchants. These also come in cheap, so investing for a separate wardrobe can still deal with you significantly.

6. Multiprints

Although clothes paved first with multiprints, accessories provided another world for it. Sneakers and hats can be seen with these crazy fabrics nowadays, and it’s getting more popular.

Collaborations from artists like Travis Scott made these unique pieces float up again. Although the concept had been in the market for years, streetwear made it more gentrified.


There are a dozen trends that never died from the past decade. These are also good for wardrobe investments because of their constant influence. Although some may be gone, it will inevitably resurface after a few years.

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