What Are Good GMAT Preparation Courses Online

by artesianwell


GMAT, also known as the Graduate Management Admission Test, is a very important event in the life of a student who wants to get the most from their higher education. The importance is quite obvious – the test itself can determine your future, and it can be quite a complicated and stressful experience. That is why preparation for GMAT is the key to increasing your chances of passing and being in a good mental state.

That is why GMAT preparation courses are so popular among students. Studying on your own may be quite frustrating because of things such as a lack of materials, books, and practice tests. GMAT prep websites are solving this issue by providing fully-developed courses with theory and practice, so you can pass that exam!

First, pick your course

GMAT preparation is quite complex. You need to understand its format and pattern, go through the official guide to set a foundation, work through quantitative disciplines and topics, practice verbal topics, and take mock tests. As you can see, lots of things to do and consider. However, prep courses remove the need to think all these steps through and look for information. That is why the best idea is to go on a review site and read online GMAT prep course reviews to find what suits you best and begin studying!


The first entry in the list is considered to be the top service available by many people. There are several reasons for this image. First of all, Magoosh has some of the most adequate and lovely pricing policies on the market as the basic studying plan is around $220, while the premium one doesn’t run off too far with a $250 price tag. You can also put extra for the luxury of working with your own private tutor for six hours per week! There’s an option of in-person tutoring as well. As it is possible to see, lots of good stuff for nice prices.


The second entry is kind of similar to the first one. Kaplan offers a wide spectrum of courses and options. I would like to emphasize a variety of learning formats:

  • In-person tutoring;
  • Live online tutoring;
  • Online lessons supported by pre-recorded videos;
  • Self-paced courses.

The last one is especially interesting to me as it was clearly concluded that self-paced courses are highly effective, convenient, and flexible. Anyway, every customer will have an option to choose from that would be a perfect fit for one’s schedule and lifestyle. Still, Kaplan’s pricing policy is more stingy than that of the first entry on my list, so keep that in mind.


The third entry is great in almost every way possible. PrepScholar pride themselves on the active use of the latest technologies to provide the clients with top-notch services. For example, each student takes a diagnostic test, which is analyzed through an algorithm that is later used by human tutors to chisel a program perfectly suited for every customer. Personalized learning has been praised by academics for quite some time, so this is a great plus for anyone! Finally, PrepScholar’s pricing policy is very liberal, a great deal for students.


The last entry in my list has quite a bag of experience behind it – 20 years. ManhattanPrep offers self-paced and tutor-led courses, which could be private and group ones, not a great variety, but the quality is worth it. Their GMAT preparation programs are considered as some of the best on the market today and include the provision of great studying resources, blogs, forums, practice tests, and more. Just like with everything of high quality, the best plans are quite expensive.


GMAT is an important step in getting your dream academic level. That is why it is so important to properly prepare for this event. It is true that students are able to do it themselves, but it is quite a bumpy ride for most people. However, prep courses make this way easier and more organized, meaning that your chances of scoring higher are actually higher. That’s why prep courses are so popular these days.

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