The Call Tracking Study Guide For Marketers

by monica jesvina

Is call tracking a new term for you? If yes, then don’t worry because the majority of the marketers are not familiar with this innovative terminology. The call tracking is not something very new, which you are not familiar with. This term refers to the process of monitoring which of your promotional medium is taking leads in grabbing the attention of the audience.


Your business has a contact number that is displayed in all of the channels of promotion. Imagine you start getting several calls for order placement. How would you be able to figure out which platform is helping you to take leads? This is why technologists have introduced the concept of call tracking, with which you can quickly identify which platform is working effectively for your business.


Are you feeling surprised? Well, you should be. Now, you can easily spot out your customers and their insights. If you don’t know how to integrate this innovative tech in your business, then let me help you.


How call tracking and analytics platforms work:

I know you all are excited to see how this magic wand works. Relax! Call tracking is software that helps in tracking the calls of your customers. It works more like a call center for you. There are plenty of platforms which are offering call tracking analytics, by assisting the business in identifying the actual source of the customer’s call. Once your customer place you a call, the analytics of the software start tracing your conversation and then start the process of analysis. Sometimes the recorded calls even analyze more than one time, to figure out the actual source, which persuaded a customer to make a call.


You can also find out any scam or fraud. Would you like to know, what is another fantastic thing that you can understand through this tool? The location of your customers. Oh yes, you can easily find out where one has placed a call. This call tracking and analytics support business by working as a call detective. Once you are successful in finding out which medium is creating a mess of which one is working effectively in the process of product promotion.


Why marketer needs call tracking:

Though the need and benefits of call tracking vary from business to business, today’s competitive industry, it has become essential to all companies to integrate modern tech. If you want to know why the marketer needs call tracking, then let me tell you. Now, the competitors have made this simple promotional journey quite tough.


If you are running a campaign and aim to measure the results of each element individually, then call tracking is the must-to-have thing. For instance, you provide the best yet affordable paper services nationwide. How would you know which keyword or the channel working effectively? Maybe in one country, your Facebook promotions are working, and perhaps for others, it is not. How would you find it? Through call tracking!


Apart from this, you can keep a strict eye on your sales staff too. Imagine one of your regular customers stopped taking your services. According to your team, it’s the decision of the customer. To ensure the cause, you can go through the call recording and can find the root cause. Also, this tool helps in integrating personalized customer marketing. Just do direct marketing and with call tracking, discover whether it worked or not.


It helps in improving customer experience:

You might be thinking of how this call tracking thing alone can offer multiple benefits. Well, it does actually. Do you know how it improves customer experience? When your customers provide you details which may include their phone number, it eventually gets traced by the call tracking analytics, and then the software track the social activity of your customers.


Whenever they visit your site, the software will help in finding in which section your customers spent time and what words they use to search for their needs. This means you might get ready to extend the list of keywords. Also, it keeps hammering the mind of customer care services. The software is tracking the tone which they used to cater to, the delivery time, etc. This means, improved productivity of staff and better customer experience.


 Now you got the picture? Why this call track tool has become an essential element for marketers. It tracks promotional activities that help in improving the customer experience, and when it comes to serving customers, you can’t take the risk!

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