Importance of Using Examples in Assignments

by David Fernando


The most difficult part of academic life is the assignments you get. Your assignments should be having a good presentation along with a strong content that convinces your teacher to give you a good grade. They can be quite difficult and complicated because of the information that is required and how to manage all that in a limited world count. It’s also a difficult task because you have to present it in front of a whole audience.

That can be your fellow students, and it should also make sense to them and answer all their questions. The biggest strategy to produce a good assignment is to use lots of examples and other people’s researches to lay down a good foundation. This will prove that you have done intensive research and invested in your task. The following are a few reasons why you should use examples in your assignment and why are they effective.

·     An organized structure

An assignment that has examples included in it looks a lot more organized and represents. That it has a good structure. Examples should be used to backup or as a base of everything you have written down because it gives an impression to your teachers that you are not saying anything without reason. It means you know what you have written down, and you presented it with logical reasoning. Hence, with examples, you are making your paper look more constructive.  To help you with the structure of the paper, you can hire an assignment writing service in the UK that can guide you about it.

·     More informative

If your paper is filled with good examples, it will make it look more informative and different. It will also cast the impression that you have enough information about the topic. The information that you have presented will also make sense, and there is a higher chance of you ending up with a good grade.

·     Shows you have done your research

Your paper having good content and related information reflects how much you have invested in it. It shows your hard work and that you have done proper research before stating anything in it. You also researched the topic related to it, and now you hold a fairly good command over the topic. Students should use examples because professors appreciate it when they see that students are trying their best to get good grades.

·     Original content

There’s nothing better than a paper that has original content and is plagiarism-free. Your information is extracted from authentic resources in the form of examples. And it will surely cast a good impression in front of your teachers and fellow students and also increase your chances of being the star student.

·     Understandable content

It can be quite difficult to present a very difficult topic is an easy and understandable way. However, with the help of examples, writers can easily present it in an easy yet organized way. It will also give your paper a better format.

·     Simpler yet manageable

Your paper will look more simple yet manageable and is a good reason for you to end up with a good grade if you use instances and evidence. Additionally, instances also make your assignments look like you have used the right academic structure.

·     Reflect your writing style

When you use instances in your task, then it expresses your individuality and your writing style as a student. Every student has their writing style, and they should know how to show that to their professors.

·     Adds value

Adding these can add value to your work, and your work will seem less confusing. It adds more information along with showing your readers that your work has been derived from authentic resources. And that whatever you have written in your paper, it’s based on facts and nothing has been written on your new findings. They can be illustrated by giving real-life situations and hypothetical situations.


In short, the above mentioned are some reasons why a student should use evidence and instances to back up. What they have written to show that they have good command over the topic. That their professor has assigned them and it’s a vital part to consider if you want to end up with a good grade. Examples show that you have thoroughly planned your task before starting it and did a fair amount of research. It shows that you were dedicated and committed to the topic and wanted your teachers and fellow students actually to understand what you are trying to present. It represents that you have produced all the content on your own, and you have not copied it from anywhere.

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