Why Students Should Take Part In Speeches & Debates Competition?

by Khirad Shah

Remember the time when you had the opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills, but you chose to sit at the back of the stage. Well, I’m talking about your old days of school when you had the full opportunity to learn from your mistakes.


By the way, it’s still not too late. If you are in college, then seize every chance of enhancing your interpersonal skills and developing persuading ability. Your degree will only support holding the seat of a reputed job. In the end, these are your interacting skills that matter.  


Besides this, the advancement in technology, games have ruined the confidence of children. People these days are more addicted to screening that it’s making them isolated. The trend of one-on-one interaction is eliminating, and we all wonder why. In a world, full of technological interactions, debates, and speeches are the only worthy sources to boost the confidence of students by reducing the fear of public speaking.


Psychologists consider speech and debate competitions as the medium of reliving the charm, where people dared to portray their opinions in front of a huge audience. Would you like to know why participating in speech and debate competition is important for you?


Augments Persuading Skills 

The skills of persuasion can be associated with a real-life example. If you are a parent, then you can absolutely relate to this scenario. Tell me? How many times your younger one convinced you over something on which the eldest one almost gave up. Do you know why this happens? Because your elder one has less ability to persuading people than the youngest one. Yes! Some people have well-developed skills of persuasion, and they can easily make people agree on their ideas or opinions. But, some need a little push or training. And what else could be the best medium to develop persuading skills, then the speech and debate competition?


You Can Compare and Contrast Perfectly 

When we say compare and contrast, don’t think of your clothes, please. No, we are not talking about your dressing sense. The compare and contrast in debates are all about maintaining equilibrium while making critical analysis. This may sound easy, although it’s quite a hard nut to crack. One needs a wise perspective of thoughts to make balance comparison, without being biased. To learn more about this, you can visit the site of different CIPD assignment writing service, where you can read different tactics that are suggested to HR, just to sound impartial and how to keep a balance between two comparative situations.


Develops Research & Learning Instincts 

What? If I refuse to agree on your presented point-of-view, what would you do? Obviously, it will go all out to take me in the loop of agreement! For this, you may even collect some evidence just to make sure that you are right. That’s exactly what students do when they participate in speech competitions. When you want to show a strong opposition or favor on a particular thing, you eventually start researching information. During this searching process, students get exposure to new things, as well. Woah! Participating in the debate is like multi-tasking- research, skills development, learning process, and whatnot.


Boosts Logical Insight

Have you ever wondered how those motivational speakers manage to sound logical and accurate? It’s because they have built-in logical insight. Do you aim to have such abilities too? If yes, then take part in the speech of your annual function. For students, taking part in debates or speeches is the only way of boosting their logical insight. Through this, you will learn to talk on a factual basis and in what way you can critique something while sounding logical. Still, many think that raising a voice makes you logical. However, the reality is far beyond this. Experience the truth by yourself now!


Builds Interpersonal and Communications Skills 

Of course, you become conscious whenever it comes to appear in front of a huge audience. We always get curious about our gestures and postures. The way we talk, stand, or react on something. Likewise, when you participate in debates, you learn how to mark an enthusiastic appearance in front of others. On the other hand, this also enhances the level of patience. It takes quite a lot to listen patiently when someone is standing against you. So, if you want to learn how to react over things which are not in your favor and aim to diminish the fear of public speaking, then add your name in the list of debaters, now!


What are your plans, by the way? I’m sure your annual function is around the corner. If not as a speaker or debater, you can also go for prompting. Oh yes, this way, you can give an enthusiastic little shot to your communication or interaction skills. After all, it’s all about developing your abilities.

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