Important steps to follow to land into a cyber security expert job

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Cybersecurity includes the security measures taken to protect the data stored in computers and other systems. Two types of security measures are used for the protection from unauthorized access – physical security and cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a type of security in which the data and software will be protected against any kind of cyber attack on the computerized system or data centers. Information security is a part of cybersecurity in which the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data are maintained.

Cyber Security is used by many small, medium, and large companies to protect their crucial data from any outsider’s attack. It is very challenging in cybersecurity to keep the data protected all the time because of the advanced persistent threats and continuously evolving nature of security risks.

This article explores the roles and responsibilities of a cyber security expert and steps to follow to land a cyber security expert job.

The Need for Cyber Security

The use of technology has skyrocketed this decade as compared to the last. This has increased not only the benefits of technology but also threats. There has been an increase in cybercrime and attacks on cyber systems and data. It has led to taking cybersecurity more seriously by the organization than before.

Even the top companies could not save themselves from cyber-attack. Examples include Yahoo, Facebook, The UK National Health Service, Equifax, etc., to name a few. According to one statistic, it is said that there are more than 4,000 cyber-attacks per day by using ransomware alone. So no company is safe from cyber-attack, as someday they may also become a victim of it without cybersecurity.

The total cost of cybercrime was around $600 Billion in 2017 globally, and it is estimated that it will be $6 Trillion every year by 2021. Last year, approximately 54% of companies got compromised with their data or network.

Types of Cybercrime:

Cybercrime has evolved into many types of cybersecurity threats, and they are:

  1. Phishing – In this type of attack, an email will be sent from reputable sources to people to steal sensitive data like login information or credit card details.
  2. Social Engineering – It is a kind of attack in which the user will be tricked to break the security procedures so that the attacker can gain some sensitive information that was earlier protected.
  3. Ransomware – This is one of the most famous kinds of cyber-attacks that has been in the news recently. In this type of cyberattack, the attacker would lock the computer system and files of the victim through encryption, which will then only be unlocked by the attacker. The attacker would demand some payment from the victim to unlock or decrypt the files or system.
  4. Malware – It is a kind of malicious software that can be in the form of a program or file. This malware is sent to the computer of the user to gain access, steal information, or harm the system. The different types of malware are spyware, Trojan horse, Virus, Worms, etc.

Who is a Cyber Security Expert?

Cyber Security expert is anybody who has expertise in cybersecurity and can protect & secure the data and information system from any kind of cyber-attack. They will analyze, investigate, detect, and monitor the security events and secure the systems from vulnerabilities, threats, and cybersecurity risks.

Cyber Security experts are dedicated to protecting the integrity of data and the network of the business. It has become a necessity in business for employees to have dedicated cybersecurity measures in place these days.

Job Responsibilities of cybersecurity experts will include:

  1. Testing security defenses and strategies:

All the defenses and strategies of cybersecurity are to be tested by cybersecurity experts to make sure that there is no chance of any breach through the security

  1. Protection of personal or sensitive information from unauthorized use or access:

The cybersecurity experts will identify the potential risk in cybersecurity, design strategies for the security of the system against any attacker, monitor systems for any unusual activity, like the destruction of information, duplication, modification, unauthorized access, etc. They will also run counteractive protocols and report any cyber incident.

  1. Knowing what information needs to be protected and how:

It is essential to know what kind of security measures are best suited for the type of information that needs to be protected.

Important steps to land into a cybersecurity expert job

There has been an increase of 94% in jobs in the Cyber Security field in the last six years, whereas growth in general IT jobs has been only 30%. It is currently 13% of all the posts pertaining to information technology. An individual can become a Cyber Security expert by learning important skills and undertaking relevant certification courses.

  1. Develop your technical skills

Some of the hard skills required to become competent cybersecurity experts are

  • Good understanding of Packet Shaper, Proxy server and load balancer,
  • Ability in ethical hacking,
  • Coding practices,
  • Threat modeling,
  • Comfort working with Windows, Linux, and other UNIX systems.

There should be good fluency in programming languages like C, C#, C++, Java, and PHP. An individual must have a good understanding of Firewall, Anti-virus, and Anti-Malware with the skills of performing penetration and vulnerability tests. He or she must have good knowledge of security information and event management.

  1. Work on your soft skills

Soft skills are very much required to become a cybersecurity expert. He/she should be an expert problem solver and critical thinker. He should have strong communication skills, must be self-motivated, and have the ability to work with others very well.

  1. Qualify yourself with a certification

Certifications prove your abilities and qualifications on paper. Some of the certifications to become Cyber Security expert are

  • CompTIA’s popular base-level security certification (Security+)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate—Routing and Switching (CCNA)
  • EC-Council Network Security Administrator (ENSA)


Cybersecurity jobs are required in different fields of IT, including network administration, security administration, system administration, etc. The average salary of a Cyber Security expert is $92,600, which can go as high as $147,290 annually. One can start their career in Cyber Security as a Security Specialist and then try to keep on gaining knowledge in the cybersecurity field to grow in their career.

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