The Inner Workings behind Essay Writing Services

by artesianwell

There are companies working as a bridge between freelance ghostwriters or shadow writers and the students who are willing to pay for custom or tailored-made essays and research.

The concept of students buying custom college essays, term-papers, research papers, and different other assignments, is becoming a norm inside the academic domain.

This way of paying for customized essays unveils numerous underlying issues in our education system that calls for an urgent need to be dealt with.

Contract cheating is hard to detect

Cheating and plagiarism prevailed for generations. Plagiarism can be detected easily by using software such as Turnitin but detecting contract cheating is harder.

The professors and teachers fail to identify the signs and traces in the work turned in by the students as their own.

The software company that has designed Turnitin has upgraded their software to help the markers to identify signs of a purchased assignment.

Why is this industry growing?

The essay mills are growing fast and are becoming a global phenomenon. The survey suggests that out of 50,000 students seven students are involved in this activity.

But what are the reasons that these essay mills are becoming viable and making their way into the economy.

Millions of dollars are invested in promotion. Social media platforms and other messaging apps are cranked up with their advertisements.

They are aware of the fact that their feasibility is possible because several categories of students exist. They are usually:

  • Lazy students – they lack motivation and drive to get the work done because it requires hours of hard work.
  • Procrastinators – they are the kind who wait too long to get started on their paper but get active when the set deadline for submission is coming to end.
  • Students with low self-confidence.-they find themselves not brave enough to tackle the difficulties of a substantial assignment
  • Students with weak language proficiency or writing skills-that might be because English is their second language or their writing skills are not strong or developed to write big assignments.

The question that comes across many minds is how can these freelance writers overlook the ethical and moral considerations and help students to cheat blatantly.

The writers should know that this kind of writing has greater consequences than they would expect.

Importantly, their reputation is at stake. For the writers whose conscience nudges them and do not feel comfortable, should find alternatives to contract cheating. They are not out of options, such as:

  • Article writing-many websites and magazines look for interesting and thought-provoking articles.
  • Book reviewing-one of the best freelance work for writers who love reading and writing.
  • Ghost writing- but not for academic cheating but providing content for other purposes.

For students: You Should Look into Every Service You Choose to Work With!

Writing is proven to be an effective tool that helps students develop discipline, mastering concepts, acquiring skills, and critical thinking needed to excel in their careers and in life on the whole.

But if you choose to go with an essay writing service, it is also important to make an informed decision so you are satisfied with the results.

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