5 Best Plex App Tools That Can Improve Your Plex Seedbox Service

by Brij Bhushan Singh

Plex Seedbox is wonderful. It’s streaming quality and features have encouraged the users to choose Plex over other media servers, for example, Kodi, Emby, etc. But still, users find some loopholes in using this media server.

Do you know why?

It’s because not every Plex user utilizes the same tools and features for the streaming purpose. It is essential to learn about those tools that have the power to improve the Plex Seedbox service. Let’s have a look.

5 Best Plex Tools Responsible for Plex Seedbox Service Improvement

1. File Bot: Although File Bot wasn’t introduced for Plex, it has now become an essential section of the Plex media library. Suppose you have some disorganized media files, and you are looking for a tool that will organize your folders seamlessly, then the Plex media server will be absolute bliss.
File Bot is an excellent tool for organizing and renaming files for your movies and TV shows. Additionally, you can download or edit subtitles for your media files.

2. Kitana: Kitana helps the users to edit and remove plugins from the server. Using this, you can remove the plugins from the Frontend of the server and the Media player apps.
Other than deleting plugins, Kitana is even used for installing and managing plugins. That’s something interesting, isn’t it?

3. Ombi: This web app tool allows the users to request new content that they are looking for. You just need to land on the website and search for the show or movie with the keyword.
Once you perform this, Ombi will notify you whether the show is already existing on the Plex Seedbox server, or you need to send a “Request” option. That’s what Ombi is.

4. Plex Update: Have you installed your Plex server in the Linux operating system? In that case, you will need a Plex Update to run your application.
It is generally a Bash script that continually looks for the latest version available. And if you give access, it will even download the text for you. Even the premium version of Plex makes use of this tool to download the Beta version of the Plex app.
Other than Linux, the tool supports Ubuntu, Fedora, and CentOS. If you are using any one of them, then this tool will undoubtedly be helpful.

5. Tautulli: Though being present at the bottom section in this blog, Tautulli is responsible for massive evolution in the Plex Seedbox service. Being a third party web application tool, it is subjected to monitoring the Plex server.
The features it possesses are:
Monitoring the users who have watched the videos in real-time.
History section that speaks about all the users.
A statistical analysis of the entire Plex library.
Study of Graphs and Charts.
Be it the new content, new server, or newsletter, with Tautulli you can monitor everything.

It is another tool used in the place of Tautulli.


The tools are many. Just you need to pick up those that are essential, and that adds extra benefit to the media server. These third-party apps boost the entire service by implementing new features to the server.

Plex Seedbox is indeed a great invention in technology, especially for media lovers. But to make it more transparent in its service, the tools and plugins are available.

Explore them intensely and enjoy your video streaming.

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