Five Most Powerful Food Entrepreneurs and their Appetite for Success

by Nitin Garg

Every brand name comes with a great mind to become a successful entrepreneur. Food entrepreneurs are solving the problems of good food, and in fact, these entrepreneurs cater to satisfy people’s taste buds. The cooking trend is worth exploring in contemporary times by showcasing culinary skills.

Fuelled by the lip-smacking expectancy of a lucrative market, more and more people wish to enter into the food industry. However, based on the required marketplace where food entrepreneurs want to begin their venture, each sector has its own distinctive difficulties. Most of the hotel management courses are increased, as most of the youth started to take an interest in chef and to start their own ventures or food delivery application.

Online food delivery still presents a $210 billion market opportunity.

Be the driving force behind the development, launch, and promotion of food products and services needed to raise your inner foodie. To become an entrepreneur, firstly, you have to satisfy your appetite with n number of flavors. You must know seasonal food, species, and regional specialty. Creativity is the primary key to achieve success as the best chefs always lace their food with artistic decoration to make the food look visually presentable.

Obviously, food delivery is huge right now and it makes sense that restaurants should order some time of delivery service. That’s where something like ProfitBoss comes in, which integrates directly into a restaurant’s current workflow, making food delivery a service for them and not a hassle.

List of Inspirational food Entrepreneurs

Here are five food innovators who have chopped all the competition and become the most prominent entrepreneurs in this field.

1. Alyona Kapoor

Alyona Kapoor is one of the most popular TV chefs. She did anchoring in a famous web series named Family Food Tales. Alyona is the wife of the best Masterchefs of India, Mr. Snajeev Kappor. She counseled many people on the famous Zee TV cookery show-Khanna Khazana, and now she is doing a show on the Food 18 channel. Alyona admits that she had butterflies in her stomach whenever she was cooking or facing cameras. She is now a famous Chef and Entrepreneur. She is also a part of Sanjeev Kapoor’s joint venture, Turmeric Vision Pvt. Ltd.

2. Albert Alavera

Albert Alavera is the greatest symbol of success due to strong determination and hard work. He is the vice president of the biggest pizza chain. His interest and obsession made him today the owner of Burgoo. He has a restaurant with a combination of eating and entertainment sources where guests can spend some quality time with their family and satisfy their tastebuds. He has provided an N number of jobs to people and helps them in making their life better. His journey has never been so easy, but he is continuously learning from his past mistakes and embracing new learnings in the future.

3. Robert Spakowski

Chef Spakowski started his dream of having his own restaurant at a very young age, his interest and passion come into observation; he loves to make healthy foods to make everyone happy with these observations, he started Tapella Restaurant with a team of 7 members. Chef Spakowski believes that it is essential to travel more in other countries to discover new tastes and recipes. Chef Robert Spakowski always takes over the food and breathes a new life into his beloved dishes.

4. Mira Jhala

Mira Jhala is serving top hotels like Taj and Hyatt Chicago. She is quite experienced when it comes to the food industry. Her long decade of service in the food industry has been filled with many crowns that are worth admiring. She changed her perception of India about food. She has achieved several milestones in her career and become a food entrepreneur. She owned Purist, a world-class corporate food services company that has the main motive to provide lip-smacking cuisines that can make their day memorable. She has the ability to fight against all the odds and being strong enough; no obstacles can stop her from achieving her goals.

5. Rashmi Daga

Rashmi Daga founded the fresh menu restaurant, and it is emerging as a popular daily food online app that serves food prepared by the finest chefs. She owns an online food delivery platform that has become the most preferred app amongst youth across the nation. She has a team of 500 members who manage their own kitchens and has a personal supply team that delivers the order at doorsteps. She offers a variety of healthy cuisines and ensures that every customer gets the taste of their home with a secure ordering process.


Each brand has a great mind and an inspirational story behind it. As far as these people are concerned, their journey has never been simple, but moving forward with hard work is much easier than giving up. Today, these entrepreneurs continue to apply what they have learned from the past and welcome new learning. These entrepreneurs are continuously embracing new learnings and moving forward with a positive thought process that can help them to grow in leaps and bounds. If anyone wants to start their own venture, they can contact a food delivery app development company and tell them about their needs and requirements.

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